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Re: Latest Nikon Rumors

RoamingScott wrote:

I still believe a Z7iii with a reused sensor but modern Expeed would be a better camera than the A7R4, if not quite up to the A7R5's AF abilities. The 45mp sensor is so much cleaner than the 61mp sensor, and has the added lower base ISO than any of Sony's. This hypothetical camera would be an extremely compelling landscape camera that could do far more than just landscape/still portraits like the Z7/Z7ii.

The 64 base ISO is a choice not an innovation. It is just choosing a different set of compromises. A very small improvement to a narrow range of ISO at base, at the cost of some performance at higher ISOs. It is not unique to Nikon sensors either. In fact this lower ISO 64 base is already available on the A7RIV/A7RV sensor. That is what is in the 60 mpx Sony sensor being used in the Leica M11 as one example.


It is basically (pun intendended) just a manufactures preference when it orders sensors from Sony.

A 64 ISO, 60 mpx sensor optimized for use with Leica, Voigtlander, and Zeiss MF glass, now that may be the best landscape camera in the FF World. It already exists...

Or, is it the new Sony A7RV with working pixels shift technology. It is amazing. I'm sorry but nothing you can do with the Z7II can approach this level of resolution and detail in the final image. It already exists too ...

What is Nikon going to bring as new innovation to this already amazing table?

Feb 24, 2023 at 11:47 AM

  Previous versions of 1bwana1's message #16178936 « Latest Nikon Rumors - March 25th! »


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