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Re: Latest Nikon Rumors

novalaker wrote:
Question, is the Sony A1 AF that much faster than the A7IV and A7RV? Because from what I can see, the latter are pretty damn impressive, neither of which are stacked. So how much of AF speed is sensor readout vs. algorithm?

In the A7RV Sony has released an innovative new technology with a dedicated AF and AI processor. This enhancing a number of things when it comes to AF including Subject identification, acquisition, tracking, motion prediction, and AF speed. This innovation is currently proprietary to Sony. Having shot with this technology it is truly impressive to experience the gains in AF it produces. It absolutely raises the bar in AF.

The A1 stacked sensor also offers benefits to AF that non stacked sensors do not. But it also provides a much improved user experience through a more seamless EVF, faster FPS, and electronic shutter without artifacts among them. Of course the combination of the two technologies will be the best possible solution. It is anticipated that the A1 (II) will have that.

We really don't have much insight at this time as to what the rumored Z8 will have. I find it difficult to believe that it will be just 60 mpx camera in a Nikon wrapper. I can't imagine that it would take this long, and be so closely guarded to produce what would basically be a generations old A7RIV competitor. If that turns out to be the case it will be a big disappointment to many.

In general Scott's assertation that Nikon is a generation behind (in the cases of the Z6II/Z7II more) has validity. We will need to see if this pattern holds. The next few Months of product announcements/releases will be interesting in that regard. Fingers crossed for surprises to the upside.

Feb 24, 2023 at 09:38 AM

  Previous versions of 1bwana1's message #16178877 « Latest Nikon Rumors - March 25th! »


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