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Re: Looking to upgrade tripod

shutterbug40 wrote:
For years I've been shooting with a Vanguard Alto Pro 263AB with SBH100 ball head. It's getting a little torn up these days, the legs don't extend easily, the head is showing some slight slippage. Looking to upgrade but the choices are just staggering. Shooting a Sony A7RV, biggest lens is a Sony 100-400 GM. My height is 5'7". This would be used in some travel but no distance backpacking/hiking, and probably not a lot of plane travel, mostly in the car. Landscape, architecture, product, a wide variety. No sports, probably not much birding.

I also would like to pick up an L-bracket which I don't currently use.

The Leofoto (LS-324C Ranger) and Gitzo (GT2545T Series 2) look promising. Legs only maybe a Leofoto LM-353C?

I've been searching on FM and YouTube, lots of choices.



I have tripods from RRS, Gitzo, and Leofoto. Without question in my mind, the RRS are the best of the 3 followed by the Gitzo. The Leofoto CF tripods that I have are surprisingly good, particularly for the price. Maybe not quite as good as the Gitzo, but approaches the quality of the other 2 brands at a amazing price difference.


Jan 16, 2023 at 05:17 PM

  Previous versions of naturephoto1's message #16145947 « Looking to upgrade tripod »


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