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Re: How do you organize your photos?

I cautioned above about possible interchange problems with hierarchical tags (that is, bugs...).

I have now verified that both Capture One 22, and Affinity Photo versions 1 and 2, correctly write both the XMP tags and the legacy IIM TIFF tags, and can read them. I used each program to create tags (including ones with non-ASCII characters), and write a TIFF. I then dumped the TIFF using exiftool’s HTML generator and XMP extraction features to inspect the TIFF and XMP tags, and found them to be correct (including the non-ASCII characters). Affinity can read files with hierarchical tags edited in Capture One, and passes them through on saving the file again, and Capture One can read files with tags edited in Affinity.

Apple’s Preview can also see the tags, although it doesn’t understand the hierarchy.

I pronounce their operation correct! I’d be confident using hierarchical tags in Capture One. The UI also seems to have all the features for handling them that I’d need.

The legacy TIFF tags (the ones that get truncated) don’t work as described in my earlier post. Instead, the tag appears multiple times, once for each keyword. This means there won’t be truncation unless some keyword exceeds 64 bytes in itself. This is extremely unlikely, even for Chinese etc. Just use them as keywords, not long form text. Programs following the standard should detect whether a file was written by an old, non-XMP-aware, program.

The only fly in the ointment is that Affinity doesn’t know about hierarchical tags, so if I have a derived TIFF and later want to add a hierarchical tag to both it and the raw file it was made from, I’ll be out of luck. Affinity can’t, and Capture One refuses to edit TIFFs in any way.

(In case anyone’s wondering why I’m so paranoid, during my move from Adobe to Capture One I discovered hundreds of images with corrupted Descriptions. Something on the old system – Bridge and exiftool were candidates – was turning them into mojibake.)

Dec 13, 2022 at 03:52 AM

  Previous versions of melcat's message #16118740 « How do you organize your photos? »


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