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Re: ON1 Processed

I want to like this program but I still don't get some of its settings and I am reading that some of its new features have bugs. I use PL5 for noise reduction and lens fixes then I pass it to LR classic as a dng and which just came out with some every good upgrades. My problem is I have been a Lightroom user since before it was Lightroom and Adobe bought that software to begin Lightroom. I think LR sliders are much more sensitive when I use them than other programs. If Lightroom could get AI sharpening and noise reduction it would be ideal for me. I have an older version of ON1 and I play with it. I play with OM workspace too, which I like. We certainly have a lot of choices that keep getting better. I am not one do do much with a photo other than WB, exposure and contrast settings and limited masking to improve a sky or darken a background for composition, and I rarely crop. I don't do replacements and rarely remove anything like an electrical line, etc. I try to get it right in camera which is by no means an expertise I have but I keep conscious of what is happening while I take photos. I will keep playing with ON1 and DXO and maybe it will eventually click with me.

Oct 19, 2022 at 12:47 PM

  Previous versions of FrankA373's message #16071656 « ON1 Processed »


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