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Camperjim wrote:
Kent, your images are often more than first appearance with an intent that can be a "whisper". I do notice that you rarely if ever mention the intent in advance and you leave your viewers to interpret as they see fit. I think that matches what I am saying. It is not necessary and often not helpful to give the viewer explanations in advance or even at all.


Yes, I do "withhold" intent initially. That is so that I don't influence people ... and thus learn of how "effective" it was or wasn't, based on their (hopefully) unbiased take on things. Once folks have had a chance to digest on their own, and give input, then I let the cat out of the bag, which may (or not) proffer additional dialogue.

But, I think there is a distinction to be made with regard to what is posted here in PC ... it is a "learning" forum, i.e. the basis for the critique aspect. So, it involves (for me) a degree of not giving advance info / insight, so to learn from the responses.

OTOH, I do think that when a piece is on exhibit, if there is something of insight or intent ... it can be helpful to include that for some instances.

As but one image that comes to mind, is the "ghost" image I shot in an empty parking lot ... speaking to the absence of the retail customers, at the onset of the Covid-19 sequestrations. At the time of presentation, it was a social frame of awareness that the customers had disappeared. Now, a scant two years later, that context is a bit lost if the image is presented without any intent or voice or backstory into the intent or voice.

I'm not sure, but I think it was in that shot that I embarked on a bit of a re-direction, of sorts. Maybe not, but it kinda feels like that was a bit of a turning point for me ... no matter.

Reminds me of the Pulitzer Exhibit (a MUST see) ... as powerful as those images were, they all had accompanying statements to give context. In that regard, the image was not intended to be an interpretive guessing game, left to the viewer. Rather, it was a powerful statement being made by the photographer ... the information providing accompanying clarity that served to further empower the non-verbal message with a verbal message. The power of those images was so strong that the exhibit had a warning prior to entry.

So, to that point ... I think different pieces, and different intent may / may not include accompanying intent ... depending on how much the artist wants to leave the interpretation to the viewer, vs. making a statement to the viewer. Imo, it kinda depends.

May 29, 2022 at 10:56 PM

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