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Istanbul to Athens--Advice on Kit

Yes, we are psyched about the trip. There are three of us and we are quadruple vaxxed, but we still worry about getting quarantined if we test positive somewhere along the way--there are lots of testing gateways to pass through. We are going to have to get a pcr test in Istanbul before we can get on the boat!

As for photography---I do love the 16-35. It has been one of my favorites for travel and otherwise. But it is not a small lens and I feel like it takes a lot away from the smallness/lightness advantages of the A7C. So I am undecided about it. I like composing with primes--it forces me to find the picture--but I don't have a prime wider than my 18mm Batis, so the 16-35 gives me something else besides the zoom range. I could take the Batis 18 instead of the zoom.

I am not going to carry much when we actually are out and about. A body and 2-3 lenses, and I will work within those constraints each day.

There is a part of me that is tempted to just go out with the A7C and the Sigma 45/2.8. I like that combo a lot and it would leave me free to think only in terms of the 45mm fov.

There is another part of me that is tempted to buy or rent a second A7C and go out with two bodies, one with the 45 and the other with either the Sigma 64 or a 24/25mm (depending on where we are going that day.

Going out with too much gear really gets in the way of seeing pictures that are in front of you. I wind up thinking about lens choices rather than images that can be selected with what I have on the camera. When I get back from the trip, I think I am going to sell off some of my lenses. I have an excellent copy of the 24-70 GM (chosen in comparison to five others) that I never use and an excellent copy of the Loxia 21mm that I don't use. Also a set of handpicked Samyang tiny lenses that I never use. It really just confuses me rather than helps me to have a lot of gear. I need to reduce the cognitive load of even seeing the stuff.

May 14, 2022 at 12:42 PM

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