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Personal review of DXO Photolab 5


Same story here : it's a mix of some clever ideas and strange implementation.

You can apply local adjustments via the top bar as well, just FYI.

There are the classical brush and graduated filter. I don't explain that to you guys. The real star here are the control points, and the new control lines.

The control points :

They are based on a point and a circle. Put the point on a part of your picture, and it will automatically create a mask based on the luminance and the chrominance of your point. The size of your mask depend of the size of the circle that you create around your point.

A picture is better than thousand words for this :

Control point :

If you press the M touch, which shows you the mask of correction :

The good news is, since DPL5, you can choose the intensity of the luminance and chrominance factor. Previously, you couldn't. It was nice, it was there, but apart from moving your control point and changing the size of the circle, nothing you could to to impact the way it draws the mask itself. It's not the case anymore. You can also create negative point to protect a close area from being integrated into your mask

Once you've created your mask, what can you do with it ?
Modify Exposure, Contrast, Micro Contrast, Clearview Plus, Highlights, Midtones, Shadows, Black
Modify Vibrance, Saturation, Temperature, Tint (the second slider), and the general Hue
Modify sharpness, or add Blur

Correct list, almost the same as LR. Nice feature then ? Yep, but the GUI is horrible. All of this corrections have to be done on a tiny window displayed inside your picture :

I red that there is a better implementation for Mac Users, but I'm on windows, so apparently it's not for me. I don't know why, but this is the way it is.

A little comparison here : Capture One is for me the best of the three in this area. If you create a mask, the interface won't change at all, it will just display a little pencil near the sliders that you can use on your mask (a LOT of them), and let the others at their place. It also has way more masking tools, is way more complicated for beginners but in the end may be more efficient. LR, on the other side, has not three dozens of sliders that you can modify like C1 and looks more like DPL5 in this area, with a better interface. But let's admit that the new "select subject" tool from Adobe can do wonders on people. Three different approches there.

A new cool thing in DPL5 : the control line. It's the same principle, but with a linear gradient. Very useful for skies.

Dec 29, 2021 at 03:45 PM

  Previous versions of Ayoul's message #15811839 « Personal review of DXO Photolab 5 »