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Re: Personal review of DXO Photolab 5


I'm not a specialist of the way DXO handles files, metadata, etc. I don't use it for that purpose but only for its processing abilities. They have improved a lot of things this past years, especially in DPL4 & 5, with the hability to use and modify keywords and IPTC. I won't be a great help for that section, and it's not impossible that I will make some mistakes here.

You can access in the Library to all your folders, like in Windows Explorer (left panel). You don't need to import your folders to display your pictures and process them. But DPL5 has a database with all the modifications done to your pictures. At the moment you open a folder, DPL5 adds its pictures to your database. So, as far as I understand, there is no real Catalog but still some kind of under the hood cataloging system. By default, your modifications are also stored in a sidecar file with a .dop extension. You can prevent DPL to create .dop files and stores everything in your databse only, but you can't do the opposite : there is no way to store your modifications only in your .dop files without adding them to the Database.

You can search your files by keywords, IPTC etc. But of course, your files have to be in your database if you want to find them. So, if you used another software than DPL5 to write some IPTC fields, you will have to open the folder again in DPL5 in order to make the pictures it contains displayable using the search tool. Or you can use the "index a folder" tool, which does the same thing under the hood. Every DAM that I know needs an ingestion / indexation of your files / folder in order to display some results for the searchable fields, so it's not a surprise.

But the implementation seems a little bit akward to me. Because as far as I know, there is no way to see which folders are part of your indexed database. So there is some kind of catalog, it's just not very explicit. DPL5, in this area, seems to have crashed in a no man's land between the classic Cataloging system (LR, C1 in Catalog mode) and the session mode of C1.

You can add your files into some "projects", which are equivalents of the collections of C1 and LR, but the tool is rather rudimentary.

Dec 29, 2021 at 02:56 PM

  Previous versions of Ayoul's message #15811760 « Personal review of DXO Photolab 5 »