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Re: Pre-order: Canon EOS R3 ($5,999)

CyberDyne wrote:
Some of what Jeff Cable said has me reconsidering my thoughts on NOT getting the R3.

I am one that is disappointed only in the final resolution. After all these years with the 5D4 sensor, and now the R5's, I can't really imagine paying that much for so much less MP. I realize for many applications 24MP is plenty,.

Anyway,. other than that revelation, I have been lusting for this camera since the first leak. I may have to seriously reconsider my megapixel "needs"

According to Canon, this sensor will out-resolve the 30mp sensor in the 5D4. I'm in the same boat as you, although I did pre order the camera. Some days I'm fine with it, others I'm not. I shoot a lot of birds, so resolution is a bit of an issue, but at the same time I was happily shooting a 1DX II not that long ago in place of the 5D4 because I wanted the speed. If I keep my order in place, I will keep my R5 for perched birds and slow moving animals. I see the speed as an asset to things like diving eagles, fast flying owls, etc... An excellent wildlife photographer that I follow, Charles Glatzner, has just received his R3 (He shoots R5 right now) and I look forward to his impressions to make a final decision. If the R3 AF is noticeably better I will keep the order... if it's marginal I will likely cancel. .

Oct 19, 2021 at 07:27 AM

  Previous versions of Bernie_King's message #15739407 « Pre-order: Canon EOS R3 ($5,999) »