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Re: Official: A9 II with 24MP sensor!

AGeoJO wrote:
GMPhotography wrote:
CampK wrote:
Well, that makes my decision to keep my new A7R4 a lot easier.

Maybe pick up a new or used A9 to go along with it when market pressure pushes prices down. At first blush, I don't see why most people would pay the premium price for this feature set over the A9. What am I missing?

Yes the A7rIV is safe but more so this one seems to be you gotta need even more speed than the current model. Not a lot of folks actually need that. Agree a used A9 for many would be a nice choice

I am sure a few folks will reconsider the sale of their A9 or withdraw it from the market if they have put it out there already. This could bump up the value of used A9 quite a bit.

Yep I was thinking the same thing. I would expect the A9 used prices to go up now because At the $2700 or so of many used ones I have seen, it is a steal at least to me, vs the A9ii price.
On the other hand, I am now even more impressed that Sony gave the original A9 so many extra features with firmware updates considering the not so big differences of the A9ii, I would have thought they may reserve more of those added features for the A9ii only to create a bigger gap between the 2 cameras. Guess that is the good thing about competition.
Anyways, my deadly combo remains the same A9 and R3 for now.
Next I am adding maybe an RX10 IV (just waiting to see version V with the new battery) or may even try an XT3 for the 4k60p video since I was let down by the 6600.

Odd times...

Oct 03, 2019 at 10:01 AM

  Previous versions of GabrielPhoto's message #15000219 « Official: A9 II with 24MP sensor! »


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