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My Z6 with IBIS and focus peaking/magnifier is fantastic for manual focus glass. My frustration with mirrorless is the difference between optical vs electronic viewfinder in an “active” situation.. Take a shot, chimp shot on the rear LCD, or look at a menu… ok, here the subject comes again, put eye to viewfinder for next shot… crap! I’m looking at previous shot or menu in the viewfinder! By the time I recover, I’ve missed the next shot. Same with waiting a second for camera to “wake up”. Even after 2 years, I still do it (old dog and new tricks?) For anything active, I’m sticking with a DSLR.

And my non-CPU lenses don’t register proper EXIF with FTZ adapter; that bugs me more than I thought it would.

A couple of my DSLR bodies develop issues, and I set them aside, figuring mirrorless is the future. But after enough frustration I picked a pair of D800/D800e bodies cheap. DSLRs and mirrorless will coexist.

Feb 23, 2024 at 09:42 AM
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