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FS: Modified nikon TC-16A to be used on nikon DSLR's MF lens to semi AF

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · FS: Modified nikon TC-16A to be used on nikon DSLR's MF lens to semi AF

      Modified nikon TC-16A to be used on nikon DSLR's MF lens to semi AF


Price: $189.00
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new
Shipping instructions: worldwide shipping

This listing is for a professionally modified nikon TC-16A to be used on nikon DSLR's with manual Focus AI, AIS and P lens as well as AF-D lens.More than 200 sold modified TC-16A's.See my other auctions with new modified TC-16A or new boxed modified TC-16A's.

The TC-16A was introduced by Nikon in 1985/86 to accommodate the wide range of manual focus lenses on specific new autofocus camera bodies before true AF lenses were available. More information on the original application here:


Condition: Glass clear and clean-no fog,oil,haze,blemish,dust or scratches.Body has some little scratches,focus has no issues.

The TC-16A was made to provide limited AF capacity for MF and AF-D lenses with 1.6 factor. In order to use it on

on cameras with built-in motor drive-D50,D70,D70s,D80,D90,D100,D200, D300, D300s,D500,D600,D610,D700,D750,D780,D7000,D7100,D7200,D7500,D800,D800e,D810,D850,D3,D4,D4s,D5,D6,D2x,D2h,D3x,D3s,Df

The following gives the details how the modification was done:


The following video explains how the modified TC-16A works:


Please make sure you understand the limitation of the modification before bidding. The combination is great to shoot still, Marco and slower moving objectives such as swimming birds or running kids. The standard practice with the TC-16A is to focus the lens manually to approximately within the range of sharp focus, then press the shutter button and have the TC-16A provide sharp focus.


1. Can be used under P,A,S and M mode and different metering mode: weighted, centered and spot.

2. EXIF shows focal length 145mm, Aperture shows f/4-32 (assume max aperture is 2.8)

3. Flash can be used under TTL mode

4. EV may be adjusted 0.3-0.7

5. In-focus-indicator will light up and a beep will sound when focus

Instructions(may vary with different types of lens):

1. Attach the TC and MF lens to the camera body securely. Make sure you hear a click.

2. Go to Custom Setting Menu/f Controls/f5(f9 on D700) Command Dials/Aperture Setting/Aperture Ring, select OK, then:

a) Under A and M mode, you can use aperture ring to adjust aperture

b)Under P and S mode, you have to turn aperture ring to the second smallest aperture(For example, if the two smallest apertures are f/32 and f/22, then set the aperture ring at f/22 otherwise you will get FEE error) and use real dial to adjust aperture

3. Go to Custom Setting Menu/f Controls/f5 Command Dials/Aperture Setting/Sub-command Dial, select OK, then:

a) Under A, S, P and M mode, you have to turn aperture ring to the second smallest aperture(other aperture will cause FEE error)

b) Under A, S and P mode, use rear dial to adjust aperture. Under M mode, use front dial to adjust aperture.

leonasj 2023

  NIKON D700    55mm    f/13.0    1/40s    1000 ISO    0.0 EV  

Aug 10, 2023 at 01:56 PM

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