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Z8 users - be very careful when selecting HLG in Tone Mode while shootin...

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Z8 users - be very careful when selecting HLG in Tone Mode while shooting RAW

Hi -- there are various threads and vids on this subject - particularly BackCountryGallery Forums where Steve Perry has posted a quick vid.

Basically - Tone Mode is used when JPG/HEIF is selected to select between JPG and HEIF.

BUT -- if is also accessible when shooting RAW AND it does have an effect dramatic which is not good right now.

Initially selecting HLG rather than SDR when shooting Lossless RAW 20fps appears very attractive -- the file sizes are ~70-80% of the size of the SDR files for the same shot and as a result the burst/buffer capacities appear to last longer with HLG. This is most probably a result of the HEIF file being saved along with the RAW data rather than a JPG

BUT - when importing the files into either LRC or Capture One -- there is a very very significant difference in the tones and noise in the image. I mean the HLG files appear MUCH worse and some colours seem to be change. In addition 400 is lowest ISO you can select while shooting with HLG enabled.

After simple light processing and exporting the results as a TIF file simply confirms that what one is seeing is not just a rendering of the JPG/HEIF it is in the data.

Now Thom Hogan and others suggest these image files differences may simply be from the fact that Adobe and Capture One have not YET understood or caught-up wirth what a Lossless RAW file shot in HLG is AND we will see future updates of these tools address the differences.

OK - but for NOW leave the camera's Tone Mode setting in SDR when you are shooting RAW. Do not let this new option spoil your work.

Please watch steve vid on BCG and there is no point my posting screenshots or output. Z8 users please perform your own tests and work it out.

May 27, 2023 at 04:02 AM

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