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Archive 2023 · R7 battery Q

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p.2 #1 · p.2 #1 · R7 battery Q

I wrote an article on the differences among the batteries a couple years ago. I've actually started to re-test the same couple dozen batteries over the last week to refresh that story. The upshot: The older batteries will run the R7 fine, but there are certain frame rate speeds that might get governed down a bit with a non NH battery. I have an R7, but it's out in the field, so I can't test it for you at the moment (And it's cold enough I ain't going to get it from the woods for the next couple of days. And yes, Canadians, we are wusses. Warm, comfortable wusses.)

Older Canon-brand batteries hold up pretty well in terms of power stored, even after many, many recharges. You might lose as much as 10-20 percent of stored power if you have an old beater Canon battery. The 3rd party batteries don't do as well. They show quite nicely for the first recharges, but the big reveal in the story refresh that'll come next week is that they're really awful after a year or so.

Here's the original story:

Of 15 Canon NH batteries in the multi-year tests, they average a reduction of stored capacity of about 4.5 percent. Of the third party batteries, the average loss of stored power is about 46.5 percent. But it's worse than that. They seem to cut off early after some use in camera. My wife was 1/2 mile in the woods when her camera shut down while she was trying to take a picture for her work.

I have a dozen or two original LP-e6 and LP-e6Ns that we'll be testing as well, but I suspect they're going to be trucking along fine, as when I tested them two years ago, their reduced performance was similar to what we saw with the NH variants.

Feb 04, 2023 at 12:48 AM
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