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Finally retiring, 60 years of photography is enough, and shutting down my home, site and portable studio. Florida shooters especially check this out. Since this is all in the Tampa Bay, no shipping costs, if we meet. The first collection is the monopoles and related items, a large amount of gear but the price is very reasonable the condition is excellent, and avoid shipping.

1. Four Manfrotto Monopoles in excellent condition total retail 658.00 - Four poles gives you incredible options.
2. Especially Two addition Manfrotto tri-leg stands to use the Monopole with high ceilings or outdoor 140.00 for two,
3. Manfrotto single articulated arm 49.88 use for hair or accent light
4. Manfrotto j hooks to hold background boom two pieces 19.95 not knockoffs
5. Horizontal backdrop support for one-piece collapses – 88.00
6. Two spare rubber top and bottom grips for monopoles 23.00 x 2 = 46.00
7. Manfrotto Super Clamp 035 -- white and black $41.88 each 6 white + 4 black =10 units x 42 dollars = 420.00
8. Manfrotto camera bracket for articulated arm = $19.88
9. Manfrotto 0175 clip clamps 4 x 25.00 = 100.00
10. Manfrotto super clamp wedge for flat surfaces (4) 10.88 Fits inside super clamp -
11. Manfrotto joining studs (2) 60-45 degrees joining clamps for accessories at correct angles 2 x 8.99 = 18.00
12. An Brass - Studs for use on the bar, clamps, and connectors - 30+In the bag average $6/10 each x 180.00 total retail
13. Two eight-inch connectors that work with clamp and poles for adding additional components. Top Or Side
14. One light-weight light- stand for a hair light or reflector – Manfrotto 34.00
15. Two reflectors one large and one multicolor for effects and fill 60.00 for the pair – indoors or location –
16. Five Cold Shoes if using small flashes 5 x 4.00 = 20.00 in the box –
17. Miscellaneous Odds and Ends - Spares in the box --

SPECIFICATIONS BOTTOM LINE -- Condition: 98% is cosmetically as good as new,Working condition is 100%.
Retail today would be: 1903.00 Dollars + plus tax and shipping -
My price is 976.00 50% Price Break --

NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING -- YOU CHOOSE THE CARRIER -- Shipping Is Via Your Choice As To Whom And When. FEDex Or UPS, If you prefer I will take to gear to shipper with your account number if you have one -
if you have an existing account with Fedex or ups or USPS - and you prefer they pack it OK.
The small parts are already well packed into a medium carton. No packing charge on the smaller parts - contact me. (done.

SIZE SPECS: The poles and cross overs - the poles collapse to 84 inches or seven feet for shipping and weigh 4x 8 seven lbs.plus the additional stand and cross boom is a fifth unit. The smaller parts all go in a medium package, the large package is the poles and will hit forty pounds.

OPTION ONE PICKUP DELIVERY - I am located in Largo, Florida, West side of Tampa Bay South of Clearwater ( Home of Tom Brady and a sometimes football team Buccaneers) not far from st. Petersburg- Clearwater airport. 4 miles. and if you reside in Florida, i’ll meet you almost halfway in Orlando, Ocala, as a courtesy.

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Nov 24, 2022 at 07:17 AM

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