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Bag Roundup - R5 w/Grip


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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Bag Roundup - R5 w/Grip

so i ordered myself 6 bags and tested them all out to see which one (if any) could work for me. here are my results. maybe this will help some one else out since bagging is probably the worst part of this hobby imo.

the R5 feels a little chopped in my hands and since there's really no readily available bottom plate handgrip from a us store for this camera, i decided to get that chunkyboi bg-r10 grip. chunky in appearance and chunky in price. honestly not overly impressed but it fits in my hands and does the job and the portrait mode is very useful. extra battery life good too. One less thing to worry about.

anyway, i need another bag that fits the gripped R5 for a walkaround carry and maybe to fit up to three RF L lenses (wide, short, tele). typical slings will not do this. backpacks are not my thing for day bags. so it came down to shoulder/messenger or holster styles.

Bag #1: ThinkTank Retrospective 7 v2.0
the measurements on this one seemed to indicate that i could squeeze in, but it just didn't work out. it's not advertised for a gripped camera, so not much to say here. would not recommend thinking that you can squeeze into this bag like i did. i mean, yeah maybe you can forcefully do it but there will be snags on the way in, and snags on the way out, and the overflap won't fit right and the whole thing will just look and feel pretty awful. it's off the list.

Bag #2: ThinkTank Retrospective 10 v2.0
this one is made for a gripped camera and it does fit fine. the bag is designed to place the camera with lens attached facing down in the middle of the bag. I tried some other layouts like placing the camera with lens on its side, but quickly ran out of room for anything else. in order to fit another lens in there, it has to stay default config. so with that hurdle cleared, my ergo test concluded that the bag has to be carried on one shoulder only. that's the only real comfortable method. obviously the name of the freaking bag is retrospective but just want to point out that this is an old school method where two hands are not readily going to be free, you can't move that fast or sudden because you need to watch that bag dangling there on one shoulder, and because the overflap is pretty substantial - it's meant to be placed on the ground or something to get the flap out of the way and grab the camera out while shooting. that's not great for walkaround duty with other lenses stored in there. fine for controlled environment though. crossbody is possible yes, but not comfortable compared to using a modern sling, for example. the shoulder pad is sticky and that means crossbody is not happening here. strap needs to be able to freely move up and down the back/shoulder/chest to reposition properly. nice bag though, and i would get this one over the size 7 version, because it's actually bigger but looks and feels smaller than the 7. it gets hot where i live and could not see myself carrying this thing around while outside in summer. would be pouring sweat. anyway, this one was not for me, but the gripped R5 did fit and i could see how people like this bag a lot depending on their usage.

Bag #3: Peak Design Camera Cube Small
some out of the box thinking with this unit. to make it a "bag" i got the PD Slide Strap to attach to it. to my surprise, this thing actually fits the gripped R5 on its side perfectly. ergo is just like their sling bags except not as contoured and tucked in. so great news here. getting the camera out is amazingly fast. you can rip open the top flap with one hand and pull the camera out with that same hand. however, the zippers are independent so it takes another step (2 zips) to get things closed up again. not a big deal though. i tested with my gripped R5 and the RF 50 f1.2 prime. here's the draw back - there's no good room for another L lens. maybe the RF STM primes would be fine, but this is pretty much like using an Everyday Sling with a one-lens carry but with a gripped camera. i'm tempted to keep this one, as it would fit inside a very nice non-photo bag with some other lens pouches and make for a terrific setup.

Bag #4: Lowepro ProTactical 75 Holster
too small; didn't fit; didn't test any further.

Bag #5: ThinkTank Digital Holster 40 v2
come home minimalist, yet gripped, f1.2 fool frame camera man. here's the catch though - i used the PD Slide strap instead of the one included from ThinkTank. wonderful ergo as the bag is contoured to not only the camera body but also to a dad bod. fits right in there on the front part of the hip, under the side arm against the side gut, on the rear quarter flank butt, or on the small of the back. the Slide strap ensures quick positioning around the body. i got rid of the inner flap to expedite the in/out process. just push both zippers to one side and use only one to open/close with one hand in one motion. camera fits great, bottom can be adjusted with a pad to make the lens area snugger. side pocket fits my EL-100 flash and the front elastic pocket fits a phone, for example. will have to go modular with an attached lens changer pouch but i actually think that's a positive for walkaround use. can leave the extra lens behind if not needed and keep a smaller form fit. bonus: i live near some nice bird grounds apparently and if i'd like to get into that i think i can fit a long lens with the expandable bottom area. maybe a 100-500 with hood reversed or something. or, that space could fit another lens if i wanted to load up with 3 lenses. yeah, so this is my keeper.

Bag #6: Ruggard 65 Holster
this is a no-nonsense holster at a great price that fits the gripped R5 perfectly. can also do the modular lens pouch on the side, and the rest of the pockets are usable. also tested this one with the PD Slide strap. very similar to the Digital Holster 40 but with less contouring and no expandable bottom. still comfy and i would recommend this one too. in the end, Bag #5 just had more features for me, but this bag just works.

hope this helps.

Nov 20, 2022 at 08:48 PM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Bag Roundup - R5 w/Grip

I owned the Retrospective 7 and 10. I really liked the army surplus vibe of the pine stone fabric but both bags were too heavy with nothing in them. Worse, the internal dividers were not strong enough to support the grip of a camera and collapsed after a few months of use. Somehow Peak and Crumpler dividers are much stronger, even after years of use. And, yeah, I had to cut off the Retrospective shoulder pad. It's more comfy without it.

I ended up using my Peak Sling 10L Everyday bag most of the time. It could use a wider strap but is lighter, even with a camera inside than the Retrospective 10 is empty. Plus, the zipper seals it really well against rain and insects. My Retrospective always ended up with ants and other little critters inside.

Nov 20, 2022 at 09:28 PM

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p.1 #3 · p.1 #3 · Bag Roundup - R5 w/Grip

damn, i'm glad i sent the canvas bags back!
love my old PD 5L sling for a single carry. i think i'll get the 10L version for non-gripped outings.

Nov 22, 2022 at 08:31 PM

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