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Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

I've been on this forum for many years but only to trade gear. But I figure I need to do some remedial study on late Canon film cameras. Just bought a Canon 1n and 50/1.2L after never handling a Canon for more than 30 seconds. I like it a lot after using several Nikon F100s and F5s, as well as all the prior F bodies, many FM/FE series and a few dogs. Most all the good lenses and the stream of semi-pro and pro digitals up to Z7ii.

It's weird but Canon more good points than sour I think. Having less AF points actually simplifies the camera over the more expensive and later 1v but the camera is dense and professional. The rounded edges are nice, as is the finder. Love the thumb wheel, always thought that was the most attractive and useful part of Canons. I miss the nicer button and dial quality of current cameras, especially being able to assign controls. But compared to the F100 it's better. And while the Nikon F5 is probably the epitome of 90s cameras - perfect really - it's too darn heavy to carry around casually otherwise I never would have strayed.

Also picked up a second body, 20, 40 pancake, 100/2 EF USM lenses... different build quality. Not bad at all, I think. Everything fits into an ancient Dome F2 (washed many times, distressed from wear and I like the old blue jean kind of khaki, I'll do pix). Basically a crusty photojournalist from 1995 if I added a 200/2.8 for occasional use (thinking about it). All for the price of an entry level mirrorless kit.

If I were to use digital my last cameras were Nikon 850s and Z7iis so I like their image quality quite a lot, the images look sufficiently digital to differ from film. But if I adapt to the Canon user interface I'd consider getting a Canon mirrorless especially since some of the lenses look sweet. My only major concern is that I've saved many images with Nikon's wider dynamic range and I think their images are better overall especially in shadows and flesh tones (with a magenta boost). However one could argue that Sony has an even larger dynamic range (slightly) so if I am an image quality snob I should buy a Sony. But I already know I hate their user interface and the company itself from buying some really poor products that they wouldn't return even after pointing out that they didn't even work!

Anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm a buff twenty years old and surf everyday and travel the world partying and playing with millions of dollars flying out of my Italian sportscar as I max it out in the mountains follow my insta @#$&%

Jul 04, 2022 at 05:34 PM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

Welcome to the club!

Gear is one of those things that hotly debated and tribalized, and it all has its plusses and minuses. But in the end, all the gear from the top companies works pretty darned well.


Jul 05, 2022 at 10:59 AM
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p.1 #3 · p.1 #3 · Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

I still have my EOS-1 and 1n, though have not used them in ages. 1995 was pretty much the heyday of the 1n.

For a while at the dawn of the new millennia, I had use of a 1v, which I thought was the epitome of EOS film SLRs. Really loved it a lot. Even more solid than the 1n. Was so tempted to upgrade to it, but just knew that something digital was coming soon from Canon for the pro market - the 1D...

Just a heads up that the EF50/1.2L is more of a 'character' lens than a technical perfectionist. Keep in mind that it can exhibit focus shift at nearer distances when stopped down a bit, so some testing might be in order to learn its behavior. Some say focus shift is less noticeable on film. I think it will depend on how large you view your images. Probably not going to be a big deal in 4x6" prints, but if you intend to scan low ISO film and view/print large, then it might become noticeable.

A friend really likes his 100/2 as a portrait lens. And it's quite compact.


Jul 05, 2022 at 11:33 AM

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p.1 #4 · p.1 #4 · Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

I use Canon and Nikon gear (film, DSLR and MILC); love them both.

Jul 08, 2022 at 09:04 PM

Search in Used Dept. 

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p.1 #5 · p.1 #5 · Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

The EOS 1N is an awesome camera and can still be had for bargain prices. I think it is the best buy of the pro AF film cameras by a significant margin.

They did a brilliant job of designing the integrated grips so you can swap on the larger power grip if you need more speed and better balance with long lenses. I like how the power grip seamlessly integrates with the lines of the camera - you have to look closely to see that it is a separate accessory. I bought the PB-E2 for mine which is the grip made for the EOS 1V (but also works on EOS 1 and 1N) This has a higher grade magnesium build compared to the PB-E1. The EOS 1N with PBE-2 is still a few hundred grams lighter than an F5.

Jul 10, 2022 at 05:00 PM
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p.1 #6 · p.1 #6 · Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

Welcome to the Canon world. Your post was great blast from the past.

I owned a 1N and liked it a lot, though the EOS-1V was my favorite Canon camera of all time. The transition to magnesium alloy and the improved rubber grip surfaces gave it a more premium feel that is carried on to this day in Canon's top models. It was also, IMO, the most beautiful of all Canons.

My journey started with the Canon FT-b from the early 70s, progressing through both generations of F-1 pro bodies, various A-series models, the EOS-1n, EOS-3 and finally the 1V. After dipping my toes with the EOS-10D I've been all-digital since the 5D and have owned a progression of 1D and 5D EOS digital cameras since then.

Interestingly, during that time I also owned and shot with Nikon F3, FM, D70, D300, and D3s bodies at various points. Great cameras. Some of my favorite travel photos from back in the day were captured with a D70 that I bought in-country after my Canon gear was stolen in India.

Glad to see you are still working with film. I owned a couple of different copies of the 100 f/2 over the years, and it is a quite underrated lens. I think you will enjoy it.

Jul 11, 2022 at 11:34 AM
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p.1 #7 · p.1 #7 · Canon Newbie after 35 years Nikon

I am an old fat guy that has used Canon gear gear before the dawn of time. I still work as the assistant janitor. Itís a good job just like the good Canon gear. Welcome.

I should add that I recently upgraded to a 20D, what a nice camera!

Jul 23, 2022 at 01:11 PM

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