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Panasonic GM5 and the M43 ecosystem where size matters


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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Panasonic GM5 and the M43 ecosystem where size matters

I have been using the GM 5 now for several years as a carry along camera when I don't want to take my Sony A7R4 kit out for a walk. I am far more likely to pick up my small GM5 kit when I go for a walk than I am to pick up my Sony A7R4 kit. Yes, carry weight and kit size does weight in on my decision. The beauty of the little GM5 is that with good lenses, it produces rather fine images. No, oit cannot produce images like the Sony kit, but not all of my images need to be of that caliber. The GM 5 is however now rather dated and I would love to find a similar interchangeable lens SMALL pocket size camera with a higher pixel density sensor, better eye level viewfinder, and better camera controls of course in M43. IMHO, the big benefit of the M43 sensor is the small size of the lenses. My current M43 kit consists of the 12-32mm Lumix, amd the 45-150mm Panasonic lens. Both are consumer grade lenses and are surprisingly sharp, rivaling some of my Sony lenses. The two major limitations of this camera and lenses kit are the Viewfinder limitations - clarity, and motion blurring, and the camera controls and their awkward and confusing settings. Last but not least is the limited battery used in the GM5. And any new variant of this size camera really needs a better battery. I would love to see a similar size, more up to date camera in M43, but the trend seems to be to add features and grow the size of camera bodies in this venue. So, my wish list for future M43 camera body is a body about the same size as the GM5, a viewfinder that is as good or near as good, as the one I had on my G9, and more manual control of the camera with dials and buttons and a sensor of 30+mgpxls using some of the newer technology to increase pixel density while offering improved dynamic range. IMHO, the major advantage of the M43 size sensor is the smaller size of lenses, particularly the longer focal length lenses, making for a much smaller and more portable kit. The trend however seems to be to fill out the m43 camera with added functionality in video, and incrementally increase the size of the camera towards the size of FF cameras, I.e., the Panasonic GH5. The beauty of the m43, is small size and Image quality, and the wide range of lenses and other things needed to fill out a full line of support gear for everyone from amature hobbist to professional photographer. M43 is its own ecosystem and that is its strength.

May 31, 2022 at 08:53 AM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Panasonic GM5 and the M43 ecosystem where size matters

You ask for contradictions.
EVF update requires much larger batteries. So, larger body.
Same for IBIS and processing from default 20MP sensors.
Video @ 4k also needs more battery juice.

With EVF about the smallest is the the EM5 series.
Without EVF itís about the EP series, which has pretty much died outside Asia.

We will not see a dedicated camera the size of the GM5 or the EPM2s again for these reasons. They are totally outclassed in portability and many video and network functions by smartphones, and they never had the battery, IBIS, nor EVFs to make a dent against the modestly larger models. Thatís why they sold very poorly and went away from the market.

Jun 04, 2022 at 12:57 AM

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