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Underage/Minor Photographer and stock photography

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Got frustrated looking for the topic in Google searches- NOT what I was thinking. My daughter is 14 and has a lot of activities this summer, so even if she could get a job, she doesn’t have the time for a Regular job.

She is interested in photography, started taking her camera (x30T) with a MF 23mm lens to school every Friday. She is pretty artistic and has a good eye.

My thought was to get her started in stock photography (maybe video?). She can do it anytime and fill in the blanks in her schedule. Plus, she can build-up some ‘capital’. I understand work-pay, but capital not so much and I think this would be an interesting way to get her head into intellectual capital and some money from it. Kind of like the old school bank accounts we had as kids- with the savings books and interest that actually amounted to something.,

But she is underaged? Any stock agencies deal with this? Set up an LLC? I’d rather go the extra step to set her up than have her contribute under my stock accounts. The lesson is as important than the cash. And get her butt out of her room and her head out of her phone…

May 21, 2022 at 12:30 PM
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awb, I'm all for kids doing something and I was with ya till the last sentence.
This sounds like something YOU want to do. Not sure how you, "get her butt out of her room and her head out of her phone…", SHE has to wanna do that, not you.
If she has the drive let HER set up a business and you can be the adviser.
I don't know why a stock agency would care about age unless she's shooting age related subjects like nudes.
Stock photography has no bounds and I can't see what age has to do with it?
Out of curiosity, why does she take her camera to school on Fridays, as opposed to every day? If she wants to be artistic let her be so and advise her that she has some shots that could be good for stock and let her decide how she will go about being more fruitful with her =camera if that's what she wants, with your guidance. I think if she's too busy with activities during summer, she'll have to decide what to drop to make time for more structured stock photography time.
Stock can be very fruitful if you have the right shots or just a lot of wasted time if you have what everybody else has! I'm not aware of how stock video works though? Boy, lots of luck!!

May 22, 2022 at 08:21 PM
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Do you not have teen-agers? Their default position is on their phones with earbuds in- and they would stay that way outside of sleeping and eating if they could. It’s an inertia as issue as much as a desire. Once she get started on something, she self-sustains. She likes photography, but getting a teenager started on anything other than nothing is a real challenge. The Friday thing was a compromise in that she doesn’t like to ‘stick out’ and the school has a policy against ‘devices’. One day a week was a kind of compromise so that it wasn’t a distraction.

I looked a couple of years ago and I thought that the stock companies didn’t take minors for legal reasons, but we might see if we can fudge it. She has tax returns now, so any income wouldn’t be hard to deal with.

May 23, 2022 at 09:28 PM

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