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OM Systems Support hours and a tip on OI Share app

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · OM Systems Support hours and a tip on OI Share app

I've been using the Olympus OI Track application on iOS for quite some time for geotagging with my Olympus cameras. Kind of a kludgy solution, but it works. OM Solutions now pushes you to use their OI Share app when you launch the legacy OI Track application. I couldn't seem to get OI Share to connect and transfer geotag data with my EM1-III despite going through the pairing process on the app, etc.. I'll get to the issue/solution in a minute.

I decided to call OM Solutions support via the number on getolympus.com. I thought that the OM Solutions support hours of 6am-2pm EST was ridiculous for US based support (and I'm based in Calif so that's 3am-11am). Prior to the acquisition, I think the Olympus support team was based in New Jersey. Anyway, I call and fairly quickly get someone on the line. The tech was very kind and polite but really had no knowledge of the camera, the applications, iOS, etc.. She went and got the same camera and was going to try and recreate the issue on her Android phone but really didn't know how to set things up. Anyway, while she was trying to understand the issue, I figured it out. With iOS under preferences for the OI Share app you need to have "Local Network" enabled and I guess it's not by default. I tried to explain that to her for future reference, but again she had no iOS experience but as I said was very friendly.

I asked her about the support hours for the US and said the hours didn't make sense, aren't you based in New Jersey? Nope, OM Solutions support in based in Prague and is probably providing worldwide support from there so that's the reason for the odd hours.

May 19, 2022 at 12:11 AM

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