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Using R5 with achromatic close up lenses

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Does anyone use an R5 for macro and use an achromatic lens in front of the Canon 100L IS macro for getting higher magnification than 1:1 ?
Iíve been finding that the autofocus is out when I attach the achromatic to the lens on the R5 , never had this issue before
The auto focus is absolutely fine without the achromatic
Iíve been using the Marumi one for a few years now previously with my Canon 6D 2 with good results using autofocus
Iíve started using the R5 focus stacking feature with the 100L and itís amazing works really well and was hoping to use the focus stacking feature at higher magnification with the achromatic attached but autofocus is off subject is out of focus, manual focus is fine
Iím sure that there isnít anything wrong with my camera itís just the way the focus is working doesnít go with the achromat for some reason
The answer is to use tubes but I like using the achromat as it doesnít reduce light transmission so I can work with natural light with tubes I would have to use flash

Apr 28, 2022 at 04:07 AM

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