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Sekonic Light Meter Help


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I recently picked up a Sekonic L-478D-U to use for video and have a couple of questions that I canít seem to find answers to online. Can someone help me understand how the AVE/EV function works? Also, how does the line at the bottom work? What is the white arrow and how does it relate to the red line thatís to the right of it?

Lastly, I am coming from having a Lumu Power light meter that would tell me what ND filter to use to get the f/stop I wanted. On the Sekonic I see that thereís a Filter Compensation option in the Tool Box menu where you can select an ND filter and then go back to the main screen to see what the new recommended f/stop would be. This works, but itís a pain to have to do all of that because if it doesnít give you the right ND, you then have to go back into the Filter Compensation menu and select another ND and try again. It would be much simpler if you could select an f/stop and the Sekonic tells you what ND to use like on the Lumu I have. Is there such an option that Iím not seeing?

Thanks in advance!

Feb 25, 2022 at 08:24 PM
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The AVE (average) function and the analog scale readout are detailed in the user manual. Did you read the manual? You can average up to 9 previous values. I use an 858 which is nearly but not exactly the same regarding the analog scale. The red line normally shows your current reading. The small white arrows show previous measurements saved in memory. The 858 displays a bigger white arrow at the average along with the red line for the current measurement. I believe the 478 moves the red line to the average value when in AVE mode.

As far as filter comp goes, it sounds like you want a shortcut or custom button function to flip the compensation on/off. The 858 can do that via custom settings of a function button. AFAIK the 478 does not have that option. So if you absolutely must have quick(er) access to the filter comp then you need the 858. But even the 858 is only going to quickly display your current filter comp adjustment. You still have to go into the deeper menu to change the specific filter in use.

Mar 06, 2022 at 01:25 PM

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