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Tele lens for E-M1


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I need some suggestions from you guys in adjusting my M43 kit. I have E-M1 (soon will change this to E-M1 iii) with the below lenses:
12-40mm f2.8 pro
40-150mm f2.8 pro
45mm f1.8
75mm f1.8 (will sell this. Though amazing, but very less used especially due to 40-150mm f2.8 )

For sometime, I have been thinking to buy tele lens. I am not in BIF exactly, but when I go out I do it. 40-150mm is good and very sharp but it can be used in the zoo, in an open area it feels short. I want to keep only one tele lens. Either I would keep 40-150mm f2.8 + MC or I will sell this, to fund another lens. So I am thinking of different combinations -
40-150mm f2.8 pro + MC-14 -> It will becomes 210mm, will lose one stop. Do people use this range for casual bird photography?
40-150mm f2.8 pro + MC-20 -> It is essentially 40-150 F2.8 and a 150-300 F5.6, but not sure if it would lose much sharpness with 2 stop reduction? Few posts are reading this combo that it will be the same as 70-300mm in IQ and sharpness.
100-400mm f/5-6.3 -> How is this lens in comparison to the above two combinations?
300mm f4 -> I used other primes, not this one, so I know this would be very sharp. But I always have confusion about how to deal with this, especially in the case of wildlife and Birds. With so long-range, one can't get a subject which is in the most appropriate position but has to choose the one which will fit in this range. For some it can be a serious limitation, for others, it can be minor. I have not used so long-range of prime so don't know about me :-)
150-400 f4 Pro (upcoming) -> Specs look very good, but most predictions are high prices. I won't go beyond $2500 but this one looks like to be more expensive. Also, it is on the roadmap and there is no defined date of release.
70-300mm -> I found it soft at the longer end and I am not pro enough to handle its auto-focus. I had this long back but sold it. I used it years back on Panasonic G5. Probably it may handle well on new E-M1.

What are your suggestions/comments, please?


Oct 12, 2020 at 04:06 AM
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Abishek - if you are not into BIF you can forget about the 300/4 PRO which is not only expensive but you are stuck at the 300mm focal length. The 150-400 PRO will be big and heavy, and very expensive - too expensive for a m43 lens IMO.

The lens I would obviously recommend is the new 100-400/f5-6.3 which is reasonably priced with decent quality, and the zoom range will allow you to shoot all kinds of sports (in good light), wildlife, and even landscapes. There are many samples from the 100-400 lens - links below.

And yes, do get the E-M1 Mk III as it's a major step-up from the Mk I.

From page 5 of this thread:


From page 63 of this thread:


From page 2 of this thread:


Oct 14, 2020 at 09:53 AM

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p.1 #3 · p.1 #3 · Tele lens for E-M1

Thanks much, for your advice and links

Oct 14, 2020 at 05:47 PM

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