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Archive 2018 · A7R III L-plate...cheap/solid or buy/cry?

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p.7 #1 · p.7 #1 · A7R III L-plate...cheap/solid or buy/cry?

Dave Sanders wrote:
I'm a bit late to this thread...but as someone who has had multiple L brackets from multiple companies for everything from an EM5 to an EM1 to an RX1 to an A7R to a D810...RRS are easily worth the price. Fit, finish, service, fit...did I say fit? I don't even think about it anymore...luckily I've been able to pick up most of them used to save a bit. I put a $2k lens on a $3k body mounted to a $1k tripod...that's a lot of hard earned money for me, I'm not rich, so I'm not gonna sweat the
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Meh, it would be one thing if the RRS plates were clearly much better to justify their much higher cost (and they're much more than $100 more at this point).

I splurged on the RRS plate for my A7r2 ($200+). I have the SunwayFoto on my A7r3, some random chinese ebay brand for my A7r, and had the Markins ones for my D810 and D750.

I can't say that, if I didn't know what they all cost, I would have known which ones were supposed to be the "best" ones. If anything the RRS probably had the most issues with fit in my quick release lever (which is Markins brand, so again maybe that's intentional).

The RRS was also the heaviest (I hike a lot so every ounce matters) and I hate their battery door solution since I like to ditch the L-plate when I'm not going to be using a tripod and that extra step is a PITA when taking the plate on/off regularly. It also was much worse for accessing the side ports on my R2 than the SunwayFoto one is for accessing them on my R3 (not sure if the R3 version of the RRS has improved on that front).

Mar 24, 2019 at 02:23 PM
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