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Nikon D200 CSPro v1.5 (MAC)

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Introducing the CSpro
Plugin series.

Taking smart sharpening to the next level.

Resize Pro Plugin series

The CSpro Plugin is a custom sharpening technology specifically designed to work with certain digital SLRs (List of supported cameras can be found on the main Software page).
This plugin is compatible with JPEG files straight from the camera or TIFF/JPEG files converted from RAW files.
Although the CSpro's interface appears simple and intuitive, complexity makes this plugin very smart. It provides haloless sharpening, edgesharpening, luminance sharpening, mode sharpening, and more with just the press of a button. With this plugin you can choose from low or high ISO settings. Other options allow you to sharpen fine detail. There are pre-designed intensity levels and options to reduce color noise from high ISO files. Another feature unique to CSpro, is that you can save and load your own sharpening profiles. In addition you have the ability to preview settings and tweak intensity results for maximum control over your work.

New to CSpro is the ability to obtain 2 custom sharpened files. One for your printing work and another for web presentation.

After running this plugin, your sharpened image will not suffer from any of the common side effects like excessive halos or any noise increase.

CSpro main features:

  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface, with a complex code working behind the scenes.
  • Ability to choose from low and high ISO settings to increase effectiveness.
  • Reduce Color Noise
  • Choose from many pre-designed intensities levels. They work at the same speed.
  • Choose from 3 Halo Settings: Normal Halo, Low Halo and Zero Halo!
  • Ability to choose parameters for downsampling a sharpened copy for web presentation.
  • Ability to save the CSpro result as a separate layer.
  • Ability to save and load your own profiles.
  • This plugin is scriptable, so you can create your own batch actions-- which will automatically calculate your image's aspect ratio.
  • Works in 16 bit mode under Photoshop CS or higher.

NOTE: PC and MAC FM plugins are offered as separate packages. Make sure to order the correct one for your operation system.