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Color Fringing RX (Mac)

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Color Fringing RX

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The Color Fringing RX Plugin was designed to reduce and in most cases remove unwanted "Color Fringing" from digital files.

Color fringing is also known as, Chromatic aberration. It is caused by the camera lens not focusing different wavelengths of light onto the exact same focal plane and/or by the lens magnifying different wavelengths differently. These types of chromatic aberration are referred to as Longitudinal and Lateral Chromatic Aberration and can occur at the same time.
Chromatic aberration is known as color fringing when it is visible around areas of contrast. It frequently occurs around the edges of the image frame in wide-angle shots. Since edges are the most affected areas, Color Fringing RX will first scan areas of high contrast in the edges and then throughout the image frame to surgically reduce all types of color aberration.

The Color Fringing RX plugin also reduces chromatic aberration at microlens level , which in simple terms is "purple fringing". Unlike typical edge-only chromatic aberration, purple fringing is caused by the microlenses, and is visible throughout the image frame. Areas of high contrast around the edges suffer the most, especially when the subject is illuminated from behind.

NOTE: PC and MAC FM plugins are offered as separate packages. Make sure to order the correct one for your operation system.