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Velvia Vision v1.5 (PC)

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From the creation of the popular Digital Velvia (DV) action, Velvia Vision v1.5 has evolved. It is a new Photoshop plug-in designed to enhance color and tone in your photographs. It provides a 200% range of error-free color intensity as well as smart algorithms to increase contrast, create moods and expand tonal range. With this new tool, photographers can preview settings and tweak intensity results for maximum control over their work. Another feature unique to this plugin, is that you can save and load your own Velvia Vision profiles.

Velvia Vision 1.5 main features:

  • Redesigned to work with CS3 and Windows Vista
  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface.
  • 200% range of error-free color enhancement intensity slider. (-100 to 100%)
  • Smart Contrast enhances tonal range whenever needed without clipping important highlight and shadow information.
  • Smart Color Correction provides natural colors by editing color information in the shadows and highlights
  • Warm Colors adds a natural late afternoon lighting mood to your photos.
  • Add dynamic range rescues important shadow and highlight detail, expanding your photo's tonal range.
  • Ability to "Save", "Load" and "Delete" custom Velvia Vision profiles.
  • Ability to "Preview" changes real time without leaving the plugin.
  • Option to save results as a new layer or to edit your original file.

NOTE: PC and Mac FM plugins are offered as separate packages. Make sure to order the correct one for your operation system.