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ISOx Pro Plugin (Mac)

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Introducing the ISOxPro Plugin.

Reducing undesirable noise naturally.

The ISOx Pro Plugin is the result of many months of development. This professional tool offers an easy and efficient solution to quickly and affordably reduce noise from all digital camera files or scanned film. It uses noise reduction technology specific designed to accommodate RAW or JPEG straight from the camera. With this new essential digital darkroom Photoshop Plugin, photographers can count on precise results through powerful and flexible options.

The main objective of the new ISOx Pro Plugin is to reduce noise while keeping most of the detail intact. It provides options to reduce the color noise (chroma noise) only, as well as other options that reduce the luma and chroma noise simultaneously based on ten (10) intensity levels. The ISOx Pro Plugin and its automated routines come to the rescue by providing professional results with just the press of a button. You won't get this level of noise reduction and detail retention with any other tool. Unlike other software that drastically removes noise and leaves you with unnatural results, the ISOx Pro Plugin reduces ISO speed noise to about 1.5 stops and is therefore capable of keeping most detail intact.

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