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Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM

Review Date: Aug 20, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Super sharp, fast AF, F/2.0, hood included, built
nothing worth mentioning, maybe lens hood is too big....

After reading post all over web, decided to get me one of these. I'll probably never regret it. This lens is super sharp, lightning fast AF, that can hunt sometimes, but this is the case only in abysmal conditions. At F/2.0 images are a tad softer, but still very acceptable, and logically DOF is very shallow. Color rendition is oustanding, bokeh also. Lens is not too big or too heavy, on tripod attached on camera balance is very good. Only thing that simetimes bothers me - hood is maybe too bulky especially in the bag and with the hood attached it's almost twice its size (almost as big as hood on 70-200/4).

Filter thread is also not too big (72 mm) and that makes appropriate filters very affordable. Flare control is top notch, I have observed couple of flare cases in extreme backliting and most extreme angles, otherwise, there is none. MF ring is spot on, size and grip wise, not to flimsy, not to firm, but it can be obstructed by hood (if it's on backwards), especially for those with bigger fingers...

With canon 1,4 extender works like a charm, giving 190/2.8 with only tad lower image quality wide open and almost as equal AF speed.

If you are considering it, don't, just get it. Or at least try it, I know you'll be heading home figuring out the way to explain your wife reasons why this is the lens you just despirately need (been there, done that) :-). Besides EFS-60 sharpest lens I carry in my bag and it NEVER stays home

Wishing you all good lighting


Sigma 150mm f2.8 APO Macro DG EX HSM

Review Date: Jul 2, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $750.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Build quality, sharpness, working distance, overall package (bag collar, hood)
a bit soft wide open specially at infinity, handholdability at 1:1.

Having Canon EFS - 60 f/2.8 in my bag decided I want to try something with bigger working distance (approx 35 cm), so I took a plunge and bought Sigma 150. Knowing all the facts you should know prior to buying macro fixed focal, I must say I'm very satisfied.

Yes, focus can hunt and be a bit sluggish, but that's a price to pay for Macro capability lens, even with limiter.

But HSM does pretty good job nevertheless. In Macro mode, there is a serious issue of handholdability as 150 mm (plus crop factor) can be real pain, and does take some practise, and use of tripod if you can spare to carry one. It is awesome for bugs that can be scared off pretty easily, also a great portrait lense (atleast for me), if you like tele lens and not working in confined spaces mostly. Color rendition is pretty good, although my copy has a very slight yellow cast.

Whenever I manage to handhold macro shots, it is very sharp, but at 150 mm and wider apertures DOF can be so shallow that slightes breeze can mess up your shot. Of course, it is not lens' fault, but one thinking of buying it deserves to be warned, right :-).
Also someone looking for lighter lens might have something to say abouth the way, but in my book, it is spot on. Not too heavy to carry around, heavy enough to mitigate some handshake....

Comes with camera bad, tripod colar and lens hood. It became inevitable companion for hiking, and nature walks.