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Canon EOS 10D

Review Date: Sep 7, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $750.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Substantial construction, extremely intuitive, low noise
Slow startup time, slow write after full buffer full on multi-shot, focus is a little slow, 6v shutter trigger voltage annoying

I used the S7000 for awhile, and I really didn't think digital SLR's were that big of a deal to warrant the substantial price difference. I compared shots I did with the Fuji, and they were not far off from the 10d, so I stuck with it for awhile. When I had the chance to purchase a 10d for a decent price, it was time to make the leap.

I've been collecting cameras for about the past 20 years. I've had film bodies from Minolta, Canon, Minox, Ricoh, Pentax, Nikon, Rollei, and a couple others. I had an HP digital P&S, and I still have a Fuji S7000.

I have to give Canon kudos for the best, most substantial feeling body I have ever used. This camera feels like you could use it to get a strike at your local bowling alley, then pick up and resume shooting. Smile (not that I would recommend trying that) I looked at the Rebel as well, and it feels like a toy compared to the 10d. The interface and arrangement of controls is truly very well thought out, and really could not be much better. Battery life is excellent, especially with available 3rd party 1800mah batteries.

The fact you must use canon specific shutter releases is a bit disappointing. It would be nice to have mechanical shutter release available(one thing I like about the S7000). Also, the fact that you can't use any flash with a trigger voltage higher than 6v, without risking damaging the camera, is annoying as well. The autofocus is slow at max zoom on most non-L lenses, but performs adequately on most throughout 75% of the zoom range. The built in flash is pretty weak, and unusable in most situations past 10-15 feet.

For the price, there really aren't many cameras out there that can match the 10d's features, control, and quality.