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Canon EOS 1D

Review Date: Jan 26, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,080.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Price is amazingly low, Files need little to no post-processing, File size perfect for most of the world, Amazing Af, Huge buffer, Suberb build quality,
You will need an extra battery, No zoom get over it. Posers will complain that it is to heavy, or lacks a zoom on the lcd, or complain about a little bit of noise, or maybe even that it doesn't have a horrid red-eye giving pop-up flash. Yawn ignore them all of that doesnt matter you will be getting better photos then 20d or any of it's followers.

The biggest thing about this camera is that the files it produces can often go straight to the client this is because of the ability to load custom tone curves (which no other canon can do I believe.) And even without such curves (which are free and easily available) the files look damn good. Let me rephrase this again, when files look this good you spend less time in RAW or Photoshop and more time shooting (like a photographer should be doing.) I was a firm believer in Raw until I got this camera which produces brilliant jpegs, so much so I often find myself either not touching the raw images (I shoot Raw + Jpeg) or simple shooting Jpeg something I honestly believed I would never ever do.

I could rehash what has been said a thousand times but here is all that is important.
This camera will work for anyone even non sports shooters such as me. I picked this over the 20d and have no regrets at all, I will probably use this camera till it's shutter explodes or something equal catisrophic. It nearly perfect in all ways.

Noise is greatly overblow, if you have descent lenses and you aren't shooting in a cave you will have no issues. If not expose to the right and noise will be minimized. Banding issues have all been worked out with later releases of the camera.

It has plenty of resolution for up to a 16 x 20 which is more then enough for 99.99 % of the world.

This will be the camera I reach for any time in the real world.
In the studio I would probably prefer something like a digital back but all things in time.

Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4 Di LD Aspherical

Review Date: Jan 23, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $325.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: There is no better wide-angle option remotely near this price.
No USM, nothing else that isn't advertised IE 2.8-4

Tamron lenses are really just the best bang for buck out there at the moment. I couldn't imagine parting with my lens and will probably keep it for a very, very long time. On my Canon 1d it is exteremly wide and sometimes I almost think it is to wide for general use, however this lens will always be in my bag it is just to darn useful. On a 1.6 crop I believe this lens would be close to perfect for general photography.

Go buy it, and if you are a student/educator you qualify for this lens at a mere 400$ brand new.

One final thing, Tamron offers a 6 year warranty on their lenses which is outstanding better then any other manufacturer.

This lens doesn't have USM but it isn't slow. I took her out for a party gig I shot two days ago and only missed one shot due to slow focus, not bad out of 130.

Canon EOS Rebel (300D)

Review Date: Mar 15, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Currently the best deal in DSLRs I would recommend this camera to everyone.
No Sync Cord, Slow Write Time, Small Buffer

I bought this camera two weeks ago upgrading from a canon d30. To be honest I felt like I moved sideways and didn't really upgrade that much, I lost the PC Sync cord, build quality, and buffer size. With that said, I get many more keepers with this camera because it actually has a functional AF system. The W hack makes this camera very useable and I have already gotten some very nice pictures. Its default image settings have tons of punch to them, and although this may not be what some desire it is what my clients often want very colorful punchy images. If this isn't appropriate simply change the parameter and back to the more subdued hues of the 10d. To me the jury is still out on the directional arrows, I honestly thought I would hate them and I realize I just need to get used to them.

The camera is very simple to use and perfect for novice and any more advanced user on a budget.

Let me make something very clear, even though I doubled my mega pixels from the d30 that is simply not that noticable besides less pictures on my cf card. Most clients I have just want 4 x 6 and 8 x 10 which the d30 handles just fine.

To me it is amazing to have iso 800 that is alright and in smaller enlargements iso 1600 is useable.

I would strongly encourage people not to purchase the new rebel and get one of these older rebels at around 500$ the added features of the new rebel would be nice but it would be much better to spend the money on good glass. Don't get caught up in the mega-pixel race purchase good glass. The kit lens is not acceptable wide open and is to slow anyways.

Despite my apparent complaints let me make something clear, this is the most bang for buck period. This camera is cheaper then most Point & Shoots (or piece of something) camera's out there and it's a canon dslr with 6 megapixels and low noise. Purchase this camera and don't look back there is nothing even close to this when you consider bang for buck.l