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Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC

Review Date: Aug 9, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: F2.8! Sharp in the center at F2.8, And improves to amazingly sharp stopped down. Build Quality is excellent, I love sigma's 'rubber like' finish. AF is *FAST*. Distance Scale. Form factor: 450g F2.8 18-50.
No HSM (AF makes noise). Significant CA (I can live with it, can you?). Zoom lock only works at 18mm (WHY?). The focus ring is only a 45 degree arc from limit to limit, makes precise MF quite hard. No HSM, Major CA!

This lens is great, it's easily a competitor to Canon's 17-40L for image quality.

It is MOST certrainly worth it over the kit lens, comparing this to the kit lens is pointless, these products aren't in the same league.

Comparing to the 17-85 USM IS is not easy, because these are two different beasts competing for the same market (I think). The Sigma's attraction is F2.8 (I can shoot this in very low light @ high iso hand held and manage keepers). 17-85 IS USM's attraction is IS. IS is amazing, if you're shooting static objects there simply is no reason to pick the 18-50 over the 17-85, however, if you want sharpness and shooting things that like to move lots, 18-50 is the obvious choice.

This lens isn't perfect however, it has a serious problem: CA is HORRIBLE, it's amazingly bad! If you can live with it, then this lens if for you.

I like this lens a lot, What I wish for Sigma to add to next version is.

1. More SLD elements (or ELD even :P ) to eliminate CA (it's horrid)
2. HSM
3. Another 30mm of zoom (if possible without affecting the lens excellent sharpness and F2.8)

Why are you still here and buying one? Smile