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Canon EOS 10D

Review Date: May 19, 2003 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 6 

Pros: Speed, Canon quality, color accuracy
Soft to a fault (headed back to Canon for repair!)

I?m pleased to hear that so many of you are reporting excellent image quality.

I?m sending my 3-week old 10D back to Canon in hopes that they can fix/adjust it so that I can achieve the same results. I have tried several different lenses, and the camera consistenly produces images that are more than ?just a little soft?. It does not appear to be back focusing or front focusing. Manual focusing does not help. The images are just not sharp at all.

The online merchant from whom I bought it ( has a 10-day return/exchange policy, and I missed the deadline. So, I?m down to sending it back to Canon. Here?s hoping!

I?m stepping up from a Nikon Coolpix 5700, and this is my first SLR. So I naturally assumed I must be doing something wrong. After visiting 3 different local camera shops, and testing my 10D with several different lenses, everyone that?s used it agrees: it ain?t right. Inluding the area rep. for Canon who happened to be at one of the Wolf Camera stores I visited yesterday. Besides, the problem we?re seeing is quite evident in even the simplest of shots--especially compared to the same shot taken with the razor-sharp Nikon.

I took several indoor (flash) close-ups of a 1-dollar bill with the 10D, and then with the 5700. The differences were striking, to say the least. The 10D?s images looked ?a little soft? at first--until they were compared to those from the Nikon. Then, they just looked sad. The detail in the Nikon images is almost scary (that little camera contiues to amaze me even after 8 months of ownership, and thousands of pictures). I took RAW files from the Canon, converted them to TIFFs using Canon?s File Viewer Utility, and opened them in Photoshop 7. Then I opened the JPEGs from the Nikon. After two passed through the USM, the 10D?s images still didn?t compare to the 5700?s. Sigh....

My wife and I have been well and truly bitten by the photography bug. We were convinced that the 10D would be a major step up from the Coolpix 5700, and we were really looking forward to being impressed. And in every respect EXCPET the sharpness, it truly is everything we?d read about, and everything we expected. But the lack of detail & sharpness is one thing that I cannot live with, and that I cannot ?fix? after the fact in Photoshop--nor should I be expected to.

I hope Canon can make this right.