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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM

Review Date: Feb 17, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Built like a tank, sharpness, contrast and colours are just great

i had f4 version of the 70-200...great lens, incredible colours, sharpness, contast... for 600 usd just great.

i shoot model and canine shows, sport, all in natural or poor light... at sunset for model, indoor for sport or dog shows, low light is there...

so i took a 2.8 non IS for price reasons... well, i consider every dollar worth for this piece of glass...

the motor is fast and reliable, the colors and contrast are incredible, is sharp at 2.8 all range, except maybe a little at 200 but minor, at f4 and above is INCREDIBLE...

the built and confidence it offers when u hold it is just ANOTHER CLASS compared to f4....

what can be said more than i do not regret even a single cent i spent on it. u pay more compared to f4 but u get more in terms of construction and reliability for difficult lightning conditions...

cons: well, there are not really...i consider if a need something i pay the price and that is is...i do not afford that means i do not really need it, my work is not important enough so payed good enough , so...

still, some may complain about the weight for example..yes, is heavy...compared to f4 is seriously heavyer... BUT as i said, that is because construction is much more solid, more glass that need to be greatly hold in palce and protected....
some may say the price is i said we all would love to pay half the price for everything...i consider i have reasons to complain only when i fo not get for what i this care, no complain from me...for me, it worth every penny.

finally, the only thing i regret i do not have is the IS...i miss it sometimes....usually i ned 1/200-1/500 or lower as i use it for action photo... but sometimes i ue it for model as i said in natural low light, that great sunset warm incredible light....IS would really be great...
but there is a 70-200 with IS...much more expensive is true... this is the only regret i have, that i do not have a IS version cheaper and keepng the great quality of this one...i tried few IS verson copies and i didn't find the sharpness of this one...

bottom line, rate this lens 10 considering the built and image quality...really nothing to complain about...i love it so much it stayed on my 20D 90 % of the time....with battery grip and hand strap is true i am involved in bodybuilding and i am 188 tall and 115 kilos :D
i shoot 4-5 hours dog shows, 6-700 pictures, moving from one ring to another...i do not consider it heavy but offering stability...kind of IS Wink

on my new 5D is better as i can use it in more situations and i can use a 1.4 TC for longer reach comparable to 20D reach...

GREAT LENS, one of the best out there...

Canon EOS 20D

Review Date: Jun 1, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,400.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Fair price, the best to learn with
no spot metering, SMALL veiwfinder

i am a young photographer from Romania.
when i started my quest in photo world i needed a good camera that could let me learn basics of photgraphy and offer decent results in the same time.
well, i am very pleased with this camera so far.
-a decent camera for a decent price.
-decent built quality for this what he was ment to be and for the people he has been designed for.
-good quality pictures for an APS-C sensor, good iso noise ratio, decent focus speed..
-dimension is another advantage... with grip it becomes more ballanced but when u need a small, easy camera to carry on in vacations this is a great choice wo grip and packed with a nice zoom.
-again1.6 crop sensor...limits a little the use of L wide lenses but instead offers u a great tele capability.

-i would very much liked an spot metering that would allow me to compose more accurate some great panorama's when wrking with bracketing or with multiple exposures(5 to 7 frames for a picture)
is not a drama that 20D has no spot, after few months of heavy use i managed to "read" the light pretty accurate and when working in RAW u can do the job u want , no pb.

-another important bad issue is the small viewfinder.
i shoot mainly model photo, i own a site for bodybuilding models... i love to shoot in the deep forest or on the beach, early in the morning or at the dusk, when the light is warm and creates an unique atmosphere...
unfortunately i needed a lot manual focus and i must say the VF was often making my work hard...
u need extra continuous light even eith a very fast prime to be able to see thru it.... but i supopose if u have money to pay esxtra people and to carry professional lighting and to bring electricity source in the wild...u probably have the money to gat a more serious profi camera...

-the rest of the cons i consider to be unsignificant ...after all is an entry level semi pro camera..
iso in VF would have been nice some times, when i was into hurry...err99 hapened few times,last time it was -20C and deep fog and the camera jamed..i needed to keep it in the warm hotel room for 2-3 hrs to come back "alive" Smile
some everexposing tendency in some ocasions...

and so on.
but as i said, this camera was not ment to be a pro tool, the price is what it is so i think it would be absurd to ask for it what u ask from a 3000 camera or even worst, a 6-7 k one...
excepting the VF that stopped me 2 or 3 times to continue my work in very very natural low light conditions, i consider all the other cons as acceptable ones.
if u have patience and skill u overcome all of them .

a GREAT camera for it's target and price range.
i consider 30D not worthing the extra few hundred bucks for a larger lcd(i read mainly the hystogram only) adn a spot metering...the spot alone does not whrth it, neither extra iso steps....
i will probably go for a 1d series in one year or so because i have now a 580EX, 430EX, 70-200 2.8L, 17-40 f4L for studio work, 135 f2L (incredible piece of glass), 28, 50 and 85 primes, plus studio equipment....
for what i do i have it all i start to reach camera's limits i will go further nut i will KEEP 20D
why? because would be a great back-up, an all-round every day gear and a great camera for tele photo.
i do not live selling tele pictures and because of that buying a long L glass would be throwing of money on the window.
but with my old 20D, a TC 1.4 and my 70-200 i have great fun photographing animals in the great Danube Delta..for my own leasure, for my soul.

20D i a great camera i u ask from her what it was ment to offer u, no more, if u understand it's limitations but u are smart enough the get from it every drop of performance.
i rated with 9 overall because it is not perfect for what it was ment to be and at this time there are better camera's in it's class...but a smaller rate would be unfair.

this camera will die in my posesion, no doubt about that. i love it as it is. is like a woman, not perfect but if u know how to handle and what to ask from she will give u satisfaction.