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Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

Review Date: Oct 4, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: Very Sturdy, Very Sharp Images, Incredible Bokeh for the price, Very Fast Lens (F1.8)
Mk1 has a very loud focusing motor. Its old!

I acquired this lens from my father after already purchasing the MkII version of the same lens. Basically, I sold the MkII because I didn't need two of the same lenses!

First off, the image quality on the MkI and MkII is basically the same. Anyone who tells you otherwise is way too picky. The build quality on the MkI is much more sturdy than the MkII, but I think the MkII's motor is much more quiter or smoother. However, they both react the same way.

The DOF meter is useful, but I think its there just for looks. All you need to do is use your viewfinder and use the DOF preview button to see how your camera will react to the photo you're about to take.

The MkI and MkII are great buys. If you can pick up either one I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Understand that these lenses arent necessarily pick-up and automatically you're shooting sharp! You have to take the time to compose the image, move yourself back and forth to focus perfectly and make sure your exposure, aperture and ISO settings are all working together. It takes some practice to get really good at it. Don't expect to be 'superphotog' with it from the get-go! The lens is only as good as the photog using it.

Overall, its a great lens. Get the Mk1 or Mk2, it doesnt matter. Personally, I would use the Mk2 because its quiter and if it breaks at least I can buy another one. If my Mk1 breaks, I cant necessarily head over to B&H and pick another one up.

Its a great lens to learn proper composition, plus its a lot of fun experimenting with Bokeh!

Sample Images I took: