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Canon EOS 1D

Review Date: Feb 11, 2004 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $5,500.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: I find this camera to be one solid reliable brick of a camera. When our newspaper bought these, we were the only one in our marketing group to get Canon gear as we already had Eos 1n gear. We had a substantial investment in L long glass (ie the 300 & 400 F2.8 L lenses) and we felt it was worth it not to change systems. We have been very pleased overall. Relatively low ISO 3200 noise (looks better than film ever did at that ISO), quick reaction time, clean viewfinder and easy to use controls are hall marks of this camera. Great weather sealing is also very import and was done well on this camera.
The only thing I can think of not liking is the LCD's non zoom feature. Even my Canon G3 does this, and I am sure the Mark II no doubt will have this feature. After over a year of daily usage the only thing we have had to replace are a couple of rubber eyepieces. We may replace the Nicads battery packs as the two per camera we bought at the time of getting the cameras are getting less able to hold a charge. We were among the first kids on the block to get these cameras and the company had to shell out serious money to get these due to the being just out.

It turned out to be a great camera to transition to as I had many years of using a Canon Eos 1n. The controls are in familiar places for me. The results of course is why we bought the system. Very nice files. Very clean ISO 1600 with 3200 being very acceptable. ISO 3200 is available via a custom function. As I am also responsible for production work on Eos 1d image files at our company, the files seem to be very noise free for the most part. Even now as the Mark II is out on the market place, I would suggest this as a great alternative to the 10d. From what I can see in pricing, it really is not that much more expensive used or new than the 10d. Don't let the slightly small file vs the 10d fool you, the file is very high quality. The best advantage of this body is the hair-trigger response it has. I have gotten action shots I have had only hoped to get when I used the film based Eos 1n bodies and before that my manual focus Nikon system.