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Sigma 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 DC

Review Date: Apr 7, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Sharper than the 300D Kit lens, more reach (zoom), slightly brighter
heavy, sometimes a little short on the long range, and a bit noisy.

Have a 300D with lens kit (18-50mm) and a kit lens (28-80mm) from an older 35mm EOS 300/rebel. That initially gave me a range from 18-80mm with two lens. Not happy with the soft picture quality and have to change lens frequently, was looking for a better walk-around afforadable lens.

Did a lot of research at and this site. Have to thank this site for the big help.

Canon lenses (good ones) are too expensive and have to work around a budget.

Got to learned about third party lens from a retailer that introduced me to a tamron 28-300mm. Not very convinced about third party lens, it took time for me to decide until when I decided to try it out, the lens was sold out already. So I went back to the internet and started researching and stumbled into Sigma. (Of course would have wanted the 18-200mm for the extra reach but it was not yet out in the market.)

So, I was initially looking at the Sigma 28-300mm Macro to compliment the lens kit but I did not regret switching the purchase to the Sigma 18-125mm DC after reading this site's review. Even if I am short of the range from 126-300mm, the lens performed very well for the price and was a better choice. My expectations for this lens was at par with the reviews. I also tried the 28-300mm which kind of a bit lower contrast than the 18-125mm.

Had used the lens on a vacation and took 300++ shots with it. Most turned out nicely. Flash Exposure using the built in flash (for 300D owners, they know the underexposure of flash situations) worked slightly better with the Sigma lens than the kit lens. Satisfied on improved sharpness as compared to the kit lens and looks like this lens will be glued on my camera for a long while. (This is kind of good for DSLR to minimize sensor dust contamination.) My lens kit will be up for the closet for a long time and am selling the old 35mm EOS 300 with the lens kit.

It won't turn the 300D into a P&S camera because most P&S have zoom range of 35-100mm (35mm equivalent) while this lens gives me a zoom range of 28-200mm (35mm equivalent).

Was not bothered initially with the AF noise but lately am noticing it.

I think it is the best valued lens around today.

For people under budget, won't go wrong buying this lens for their first walk around lens. I will only frown when the 18-200mm lens comes out and outperforms this lens, but the price will probably US$130 more. So I'm okay with is lens!