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Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Review Date: Aug 29, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: Speed, larger picture than 1DIIn, Live View fantastic for MF lenses and taking pictures of the moon, ability to adjust the font/back focusing of lenses. New Battery and lighter, although not light. Size of screen.
Stress of wondering if I got a good one (think I did) and the amount of time it took to get it. Yet another battery format ...

Was worried about all the negative reports, but when a survey of people actually having an issue showed it to be relatively low %, and the belief Canon will stick by their users (as they did continually with my original 10D) thought I'd go ahead anyway.

Immediately impressed with the new layout, button sequence and great big screen, even compared to 1DIIn and 5D.

Layout of the menus much more logical and can find things easily, and having personal menus is great, but not sure why you can't add more items and have it scroll.

Set the AF tracking one click slower than normal as suggested (for shooting rugby) and while it didn't seem to miss many shots, felt like it was a little drunk when the subject moved off centre and back. Was not as seamless as the 1DIIn, but much better than the 5D or 20D.

Did the head-on runner test and had 5 from 67 badly out of focus, and another 5 not tack sharp, so about 12% failure rate. First time out on the rugby field and it seemed to be about 5% failure - more than I'd like, but livable considering the ones I kept were really good.

Seems ideal for HDR - set to 10fps and limit to 3 consecutive shots and bracket +-2 stops. Don't know why they don't include this in the firmware so it doesn't drop the mirror between shots - surely 20fps would be easy to get if you only want 3 ... Anyway, they worked really well in Photoshop and Photomatix, so well I think most of my non-sport photos will end up being shot this way.

Live view is fantastic for manual focus lenses - with a 10 times zoom you can really see what is sharp. Live view is also great for moon shots as you can almost see what's going to end up with.

The ability to be able to micro-adjust for specific lenses is the big sleeper advantage - in my opinion, one of the big reasons shots become soft or out of focus is they are front or back focused. Instead of sending all your bodies and lenses to Canon, just dial in what you need. This item alone looks to save me hundreds of dollars and much more pain.

Lastly, a little whinge, I don't know why they had to change it so much that my RRS L bracket doesn't fit, and not quite sure why they couldn't simply keep the 1DIIn battery shape with a new LION ... might have sold some new batteries to old camera users at the same time.