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Canon EF-S 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM

Review Date: Nov 3, 2004 Recommend? no | Price paid: $600.00 | Rating: 2 

Pros: Nice focal range, nice size.
Very poor optical quality, slow aperture, lots of CA; extremely soft, particularly at 17-28mm range, which is arguably the only reason for buying this lens over one that starts at 28mm.

I was very disappointed by the 17-85IS lens. Overall it is optically very soft. Particularly on the wide end, from about 17-28 or so, it is soft even if you stop way down. LOTS of CA, etc.

I would have rather they give me f3.5-4.5 or something than the somewhat gimmicky IS.

I'm mad at Canon because, they seem to neglect making a semi-pro wide-zoom lens with decent range; ala Nikon's 18-70 lens, which is excellent. When given the chance, they just made a crummy piece of junk lens. Don't get me wrong; if it were $300, it would be a cool lens and good value. But for $600? Rediculous, in my opinion.