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Canon EOS 40D

Review Date: Apr 28, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,199.00 | Rating: 6 


1. The “quietness” of the shutter does not last. Initially it is a nice soft “cluff” noise, BUT after putting a few thousand frames through this body, the foam damper which the shutter comes up against during an exposure, gets pressed enough times for its “springyness” to get lost. The result is less damping of the shutter noise, which turns into a loud “clack” a la 20D.

2. I have always loved the color and light handling of the 10 and 20D cameras - I think its even better than the 1D MKII that I have. I have to say the 40D is nowhere close. Sunlight on skin for example, on the 10D and 20D was never a problem, but the 40D seems to have trouble handling bright light with shadow. You get color smears almost, instead of a smooth color graduation. It seems like the ability to handle subtle color changes just isn’t there any more.

3. You get a very sharp picture from this camera, true, but the tones of the colors in general are very metallic, and not warm and natural at all. It’s like shooting with a Fuji Finepics - the same hue and tone to the colors. It’s like they have overpixeled this chip at the expense of certain other things, like the tonal handling. Any type of Auto setting is a problem.

4. If you choose “NO Flash” auto setting, it actually gives you the best results with this camera, believe it or not, EXCEPT it mostly shoots at ISO400 in this setting EVEN in bright sunlight. You can’t force an ISO change in this mode.

It’s an OK camera, but I would actually rather have a new 10D, anyday…!