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Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

Review Date: Aug 13, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Range, speed, weather sealing, image quality.
Size & weight, the barrel has become loose when fully extended, overall peculiar design

I shoot this lens on a 5D, and love the versatility it offers. Full frame @ 24mm is wide enough for a lot of applications, while 70mm is perfect for portraits.

The image quality from this lens is also great, as is its focusing speed and ability to close focus.

The only downside is its size and weight, but that is to be expected from a 2.8 lens.

I also appreciate the weather sealing. Even though I don't shoot with a weather-sealed body, I'm convinced the rubber gasket around the mount prevents a lot of dust from entering my camera. Smile

Canon EOS 5D

Review Date: Jul 15, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $2,750.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Inconspicuous size, truly unbelievable high-ISO performance, Full Frame, beautiful image quality, more rugged than it appears
Lack of weather-sealing, AF could be a touch faster

Most people say that 1-series cameras are ideal for photojournalism, but I must partially disagree. As a photojournalist, you are expected to record life as it happens - and not interfere or alter anything or anyone or any situation that you come across. With a 1-series, if you walk into a crowded room you are immediately noticed because of the giant hunk of metal hanging around your neck.

With a 5D, however, popping a 50mm on the front, and ditching the battery grip, you can enter and leave a situation or event without turning any heads.

Also, most people don't like having a giant camera shoved in their face - the 5D is small and is not intimidating, which is a feature I feel to be greatly underrated and under appreciated.

Now, I am not trashing on 1-Series, as I am not a fool, but I have absolutely fallen in love with the inconspicuous size of the 5D.

That being said - I use the battery grip frequently. Sometimes you do want to be noticed, sometimes people treat you differently if you appear to have a "pro" camera. This may seem trivial, but in my day to day assignments it is something I constantly come across.

The battery grip is also a must-have item for shooting w/longer lenses.

Now, all that aside - I must remark on the absolutely unreal high-ISO performance of this camera. It has taken me quite awhile to become comfortable shooting @ 1000-1600 ISO, but now that I have I will not turn back. It is amazing how much light 1600 ISO picks up, and how the resulting images are indistinguishable from 800 ISO images. I have a fair number of shots that were run (newspaper work) 3-columns wide and were shot at >1000 ISO.

As far as sports - the 5D is capable, but not the perfect choice. AF is fast w/2.8 lenses. Irregardless, having the right lenses is more important than having the right camera for sports photography, IMO.

The lack of weather-sealing really annoys me with the 5D. I have shot in the rain a few times with it, but I was constantly wiping it off, and was very worried that it might damage the camera.

Image quality is also amazing, I no longer shoot RAW because Jpegs w/the right parameters produce consistently high quality images.

A tip for all you 5D owners - shooting in "landscape" mode produces beautiful images in most situations. Skin colors are accurate, and other colors really pop. I feel like I am shooting with Kodachrome.

I think thats all I wanted to say.

A highly recommended camera. There are many trade-offs between this and the MarkIIn, all of which are relevant to your needs.