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Nikon D1H

Review Date: Dec 6, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Sturdy, fast, compact NEF files with a lot of room for post-processing, fast AF.
Battery life, battery latching mechanism, high-ISO performance and resolution (by modern standards.)

I bought this camera used in 2005, with already a lot of shutter
life. I once accidentally dropped it on carpet from 1.5 feet of height
and this damaged the mirror mount -- I was a bit disappointed, I
thought the camera would be sturdier but again, results from falls can
be unpredictable. NPS took care of it.

To finish with the negative aspect, I think the battery locking
mechanism isn't really good, or there's some play in mine: I've lost
two batteries in the field (recovered one.)

I like this camera: it's a pro-body that is very
affordable. Everything is fast, when you're taking pictures and also
back into the darkroom for post processing.

The lack of pixels can be compensated by being more careful when
framing, or stitching images together when applicable. This constraint
can certainly be used to steer your technique into some interesting

High ISO, personally and to my tastes up to 640. Long exposures will
require dark frame subtraction for acceptable results.

I'd highly recommend this camera, there's nothing like a pro feel; and
the practice you get out of pro gears, even if there's a bit to pay
for it on some performance aspects...