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Nikon D200

Review Date: Jun 1, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,600.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Fantastic Build Quality Feal in you hands Large LCD for Image playback Amazing image quality with Nikon Primes and Pro Zooms Menu System is big improvement over D70s View finder and AF area mode selection is strong improvement over D70s Improved Ergnomics over D70s
Prefer the CF flash door to be on the back of the camera like D2X and D70s No being able to use the batteries from the D70s since new batteries are in short supply and the lower batery life of D200 To many people whinning about not be able to shoot high iso numbers

After a few days of having the camera and just shooting with my 85 f1.2 Lens (this camera just draw out capabilities of this glass) D200 is dream to shoot with. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical before I bought the camera, because I was not looking for more megapixles, but better user experience and was wondering if this would minor upgrade to what I already had. So I read every review I could find and the one that made me jump is Bjorn Rorslett review. and finally shooting some shots with camera first hand at Precision Camera here in Austin.

After shooting with D70s (which is great camera) for over year now the D200 just feels more polished and ergonomically better designed for my big hands, I like the button layout and increase in size of the button on the back. The Viewfinder less cramped. The large LCD Monitor with it playback of improved menu system and picture playback. The Menu system now has more robust shooting option in more logical layout. Also the set up feels more balanced with large pro lens.

One Point that D200 is just thrashed over is Noise at High ISO, I have to agree with Bjorn, why you would want to shoot at ISO 1600 and higher with sensor over amped out, Also ISO400 and higher picture usually looked poor in quality with the grain blown out. When I shot film we always wanted to go in the other direction with lower ISO number, 25, 50, 64 and 100 to get greater color saturation, details and much less grain noise. Plus looking at 50 years worth of slide of my grandmother with her recent passing it still show we still lack one of the axis of film, Dynamic Range Fidelity. I am looking forward when Nikon drives the next revolution in DSLR supporting Higher Dynamic Range to bring us to the next level in photography.

I am looking forward to trying out the camera on with my other glass when I get my RSS L Bracket on Saturday so I lock camera down on the tripod.