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Nikon D700

Review Date: Oct 4, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Feel great in the hand, built like a camera should be, SUPER clean at high ISO ratings, fast AF... pretty much, there is nothing wrong with this camera unless there is a particular feature it does not have that you need. But, if its in the camera it does its job as you would expect.
Um, ahh... It does not come in multiple colors? There is not really anything I can complain about. The most I can do is say that I wish Nikon and 3rd party software developers would have gotten on the ball quicker to provide support in the various RAW converts.

In one word, Perfect! It does what it was designed to do 100% and has 98% of the features found in the D3 with a few advantages.

Markins Q-Ball M10

Review Date: Oct 4, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: Very sleek, and crafted. It looks like someone actually put some effort into manufacturing it
Build quality although good is not up to the daily abuse that I am asking it to go through which I would not say is above average with any other full time shooter.

I purchased this mainly to use on my go to tripod, the Gitzo 1227. The head matches up with this tripod beautifully! I found that it supported upt0 to a 70-200 f/2.8 with a D2X with ease. A few times, when in a pinch I even used it with the 300 and 400 2.8's which although was pushing it a LOT it still came through.
With that praise said I have to confess that I will not be buying another Markins head again. The head just is not built to withstand the abuse I put it through. It is terrible in cold weather with it locking up and either not letting you loosen one of the knobs or tighten it.
I also find that the pan base can not be tightened enough and it has shifted on me quite a bit when used on a super-clamp or magic arm as a remote head. I had it tightened to the max with out going to the point where I thought it might start to strip, then mounted it to the front of a camera truck on some truss with a D300 and 17-55 attached. with in 10 minutes of driving it started to shift around and in 15 we were able to make it swing around on the pan base by swerving the truck lightly.
I have since tested other ball heads and have concluded that in this price point there are definitely other options if you are wanting a head that can take more abuse.

The verdict, if you are an amateur who babies there gear then it will be flat out amazing. If you are a pro who uses there gear hard on a regular bases or plans to use it for remotes, look else where.