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Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Review Date: May 15, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $300.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Reliability, size/weight, sharpness of photos, great walk around lens, relatively fast focus, works well in low light
price (although it's not TOO overpriced), no included hood ($30 extra)

I've fallen in love with prime lenses, and this was my first investment in that field. I spent days scouring the web for honest reviews of several different lenses but kept finding myself coming back to this lens. The f/1.8 model was only $70 or so, and I was having a hard time justifying the extra $230 for an extra stop or two, but in the end I was extremely pleased with my purchase.

The f/1.8 had the same basic thread running through all its reviews: works great but cheaply made; feels like a toy. I'm assuming it was released to be almost a disposable lens. Break it? No's only $70. Problem is, I'm not the gentlest person with my gear. I didn't want to be replacing my lens every 6-12 months because I'm an easily excitable clutz. The f/1.4 has a solid, stable feel to it. It consistently produces great results, so I appear to have lucked out and gotten a copy that was spot-on. It handles surprisingly well in low light without flash and is a great portrait lens (on my body which has a 1.6 factor, rendering it roughly an 86mm lens).

It doesn't hunt as much as some reviewers have said, and I'm typically pleased with the results I get from it. It doesn't leave my camera that often.

My one gripe: no included hood. $30+shipping extra. WTF? For as much as Canon gets for their equipment (which I happen to think is superior to a lot of what is out there...not a knock on Nikon, just my preference), why on earth do we have to purchase the hood seperately...and why the heck is it so much? I will give props to their service department though. Roughly one month after I purchased this lens, I was shooting some pics for an event at work. I'm relatively poor so I only own one body. I kept changing this lens out for another one and inadvertently dropped this lens on the floor. A carpeted floor, but the floor none-the-less. Broken. Wouldn't focus (manually or automatically), made weird grinding motor sounds, camera wouldn't recognize it etc. I contacted Canon, described the problem, mailed it in and within 5 days had a new lens in the mail. No problems whatsoever. They tried walking me through some some repair suggestions on my own (I didn't have the cajones to tell them I dropped it..I just said it stopped working), and when nothing worked (surprise), they hooked me up with a new one. Props on that area.

Anyway, if you are in the market for a good prime in this range (depending on your crop factor) at a decent price, I'd recommend this lens. It'll be on my camera for years to come.