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Nikon D100

Review Date: Jul 15, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $800.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Great image quality. Great saturation, contrast and color tone. Fast focus. Great flash photography (Just like a Nikon). User-friendly controls. Great ergonomics.
A slight trend towards underexposure, maybe 1/3 stop. But I'd rather be slightly under, than slightly over, as it's easier to lighten a photo than it is to darken one. Expose for the highlights, and let the shadows fall as they may.

After comparing the Nikon D70 to the Canon 20D and being absolutely blown away by the image quality, I compared the D70 to the D100. I prefer the larger feel of the D100, and the ability to use a vertical grip. I sold all of my Canon lenses and cameras to get this camera, and I don't regret it. I like the bright, contrasty, informative viewfinder, as well as the ability to use a screw-in shutter release, which also let's me use a soft-shutter button.

Start-up time is instant, rather than the Canon DSLR's that I've shot which take anywhere from 2-5 seconds to 30 seconds. Menu controls are easy to use and easy to read in bright sunlight. Even direct sunlight isn't a problem. I also appreciate the inclusion of a protective LCD cover, something Canon still hasn't gotten the right mind to put in.

Focus is quick and accurate. I've never had a problem with back focusing, or front focusing. Exposure is always dead on, or tending towards a slight underexposure of about a half stop. But with the trend of digital photography, the old style of 'Cram as much light in as possible' doesn't work as well. It's easier to add that little bit of extra light then it is to darken the over-exposed highlights.

And of course, you have the ability to use Nikkor lenses, the sharpest glass made.

Tokina 24-200mm AT-X 242 AF

Review Date: Jan 31, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $85.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Sharp, heavy, well balanced, good contrast, excellent walk-around
Occasional focus search, but still quick to rectify

I bought this lens used, for a simple walk-around, with a few light scratches on the front element, and as such, have had no problems at all with it.

Pictures are very sharp, and color and contrast is good as well. I've used many other lenses (Canon 70-200 f4L, Canon 85mm f1.8 & 1.2) and seen the results. While this lens will (obviously) not stack up against those, for the price paid, and the fact that it is a 3rd party lens, this beats the Canon 28-200 USM hands down.

The build quality is excellent, while some may complain about the weight of lenses, I prefer them to be heavy, as I know that a heavy lens means good build quality. I have never had a problem with flare, from either indoors (shooting basketball games with flash), or outdoors under bright sunlight, with or without the lens hood.

Others may complain about the sharpness, or the slow focus, but they're comparing it to high-end glass, and not realizing the differences in price-paid to product-received. I would suggest this for any photographer looking for good quality in a simple walk-around.