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Canon EOS 10D

Review Date: Dec 13, 2004 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $900.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Great value on the used market now that 20D is out. Rugged construction, battery grip is great for vertical shots. Tons of lenses and accessories are available used at good prices. Excellent when paired with 550EX flash. Why wait any longer to upgrade from P&S digitals?
AF struggles in dim light. Hard to find a case to fit with grip and med zoom. 1.6x crop.

A long time ago I was way into B&W film photography with Leica M3's and doing my own darkroom work. Then a Pentax with macro zoom. Then one of the first Kodak DC250 (1536 x 1024 - at last a useable digital camera). After years of using point and shoots such as Kodak DC250, DC4800, and Canon S100, 400 and 230 I have finally taken the plunge to a "real" DSLR. Wow - what was I waiting for? (The price to drop - and man has it ever.) Have now sold all my 35mm film cameras. The 100 mm macro lens, 28-105 EF Mk1 and 20-35 EF are great deals for the money.

At last I can "invest" in lenses and carry their value through to new bodies. Plan to keep the 10D maybe forever. Hope to get a used 1Ds next year and use the 10D as a backup.

Got a sweet deal on a 10D with only 600 actuations and a 550EX flash. What a great combination! Can squeeze off perfect flash shots almost as fast as pressing the shutter. Omni-bounce highly recommended.

Also highly recommend the expodisc for white balance. $100 seems expensive but it will outlast a box full of gray cards, and a 77 mm disc is a lot more convenient than an 8 x 11 inch gray card.

Have never run out of batteries in one day with the grip.

Now am itching to get better with PhotoShop and try some of the FM plugins for it...