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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

Review Date: Oct 30, 2005 Recommend? no | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 4 

Pros: 1-Biuld Quality, 2-Coulour,3-Contrast, 4-focus fast, works well with both extenders 1.4x & 2.0, [but problem os sharpness persists.]
1-Cannot take cristal sharp pictures.An unsharp picture goes nowhere for me.

Canon 70-200mm IS L 2.8 USM.

I note the serial numbers, incase it point to a time or factory with poor quality control, and others having similar problems.

Initially I used the lens on my 1st 350D, and was immedialy impressed with the colour & contrast, but the real sharpness always lacked. In the end I bought a 70-300 IS also and another 350D body, which was overexposing and also send back[SN=0530407472].

The 70-300 IS was way sharper.

I proved on tripod that the 70-200 IS cannot take a sharper picture under excact same conditions and same settings as 70-300 IS on tripod with IS off or on or handheld.

One of the 1st things I noticed was the 70-200 IS, the tripod never helped me at all.

I later noticed that on the 70-200 IS, the centre of the spot on wich I focussed, shift up or down, while it does not happen on the 70-300 IS on same tripod, same situation, same height. I thought maybe this is a clue as to the lens problem.

Presently it is with Canon, and I hope I get something back that works properly as it should, I can't wait.

The serial nr on this lens is: SN-290577