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Canon EOS 5D

Review Date: Dec 6, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Full Frame-and most impotant because of that:The lenses behave like you have learned it in the days of film,not only the FOV but also the DOF and drawing of images.Build Quality,Large and bright viewfinder,shutter sound,size weight and handling
Environmental sealing

I have waited for a long time before switching to digital.There were too many disadvantages,at least for me.The most important thing was that I wanted to use lenses exactly as I have learned to do in the area of film.When I see a scene that I think is worth of being captured, I know (most of the time) wich focal length I need to get it.And there are far more things that are worth of beeing captured then I thougt there are.
I donīt have unlimited funds and when I went to my camera dealer the last time to get the pictures I made during a climbing holiday in France I really got shocked.150€ for 4 b/w films pushed to 1600 and positives in 10x15cm.The slide films not included.That was too much and I decided to switch to digital.Of course you will have to print digital photos as well but not every single one of them.You can watch them on your computer-screen and the best will be printed.

I used a Leica M6 and 4 really good lenses.It was really hard to ditch them to get the funds for the Canon stuff but it was worth it.

One thing some people complain about is the build quality of the 5D,and I cannot agree with them.In your hands,the camera feels great.Of course you will have to be carefull and better not drop it or bump it really hard,but this goes for every camera out there especially if they cost as much as the 5D.The only thing that I donīt like is that it isnīt weather sealed.I shoot landscapes most of the time and it is a little bit frustrating that I can not take the camera out of the bag with confidence when it is raining.There are some really good shots waiting out there when the weather is bad.But there are ways to get the picture even under this circumstances.

The image quality is amazing.It stuns me every time when I look at the screen and even more so when watching prints up to 60x100cm.
The ISO Performance is really great.I can use 1600 without fearing that the images will turn out noisy.Most of my available light shots are done in b/w anyway and they are looking gorgeous with this camera.(I need a 35mm prime for that,but the 35mm L is reeeaaaly expensive. Smile Perhaps I will buy the 35mm f2 and see how frequently I use it)
The MLU is also a little bit of a pain in the ... but you can make the settings you need and save them on the C Position of the Mode Dial.Works good enough for me and I knew this would be necessary.

The size of the camera is very good,and for those with really big hands there is the additional hand grip.With the 50mm 1.4 it is a really good walk around combination and the 24-105 is also great in this regard.I donīt want to take a brick-like 1D everywhere.It is really unconspicous and looks like a SLR from the days of film.(But the Leica didnīt get any attention at all,I sometimes miss that.)

The dust issue is a little problem as well,but as for the other disadvantages of the 5D,or digital SLRs in general,I knew that,and I can live with it.I use Lightroom for preparing my photos for printing and it has got the repair-tool wich works great and with very little effort.And the sensor cleaning isnīt as troublesome as many people may think.

So the bottomline is:I am looking forward to every possiblility to take pictures with this camera,and there are many.There are things that could be better but we can hope for a future SLR from canon to get there.(Many people think there will be a 5D MkII,I am hoping for a 3D,weather sealed 16,7 Megapixel full-format sensor but the same size as the 5D and some improvements in the Menu-structure and please get rid of the direct print button and make it a dedicated MLU button.Ah,and sensor cleaning.Live view is not very important for me but pack it in,wonīt hurt anyone.And a 100% viewfinder.Should be possible but thats to much to dream of.Nobody would buy a 1D/s any more,but some of these improvements could make it and then I am in)

So if you need a full frame Digital SLR,get the 5D.The price is reasonable now and it wonīt crash with the successor because it will be priced accordingly.

I hope that my english is not too bad,and now get out and take pictures,thats what photography is all about.